Kingfisher Meaning In Marathi | किंगफिशरचा मराठीत अर्थ


Kingfisher Meaning In Marathi

किंगफिशर हा अल्सेडिनिडे कुटुंबातील पक्षी आहे.

Kingfisher Meaning In Marathi

Kingfisher Information

त्यांच्या दोलायमान पिसारा आणि माशांच्या कुशल शिकारीसाठी ओळखले जाणारे, किंगफिशर अनेकदा नद्या, तलाव आणि तलाव यांसारख्या पाणवठ्यांजवळ आढळतात. मजबूत, टोकदार बिल आणि कॉम्पॅक्ट बॉडीसह त्यांचे एक विशिष्ट स्वरूप आहे. “किंगफिशर” हा शब्द जगाच्या विविध भागांमध्ये आढळणाऱ्या या पक्षी कुटुंबातील विविध प्रजातींचा संदर्भ देण्यासाठी देखील वापरला जातो.

Kingfisher Meaning Synonyms

  • Fisher Bird
  • River King
  • Water King
  • Halcyon
  • Fish-Hawk
  • Fishing Bird
  • River Jewel
  • Aquatic Hunter
  • Blue-And-Orange Bird

Kingfisher Meaning Antonyms

  • Land Bird
  • Non-Aquatic Bird
  • Terrestrial Creature
  • Ground-Dweller

Examples Of Kingfisher Meaning

  • During Our Nature Walk, We Were Delighted To Spot A Kingfisher Gracefully Diving Into The Pond To Catch Its Prey.
  • The Field Guide Provided Detailed Information About The Common Kingfisher, Emphasizing Its Vibrant Colors And Unique Hunting Techniques.
  • The Children’s Book Featured A Charming Illustration Of A Kingfisher Perched On A Branch, Its Beak Pointed Towards The Water.
  • The Wildlife Documentary Showcased Breathtaking Footage Of A Kingfisher’s Rapid And Precise Plunge Into The River To Catch Fish.
  • In His Birdwatcher’s Journal, Mark Recorded The Sighting Of A Kingfisher Near The Marsh, Noting The Distinct Blue And Orange Plumage.
  • Environmentalists Highlighted The Importance Of Preserving Wetland Habitats To Ensure The Survival Of Kingfisher Populations.
  • The Photographer Captured A Stunning Image Of A Kingfisher In Mid-flight, Its Wings Spread Wide Against The Backdrop Of A Clear Blue Sky.
  • Local Folklore Spoke Of The Kingfisher As A Symbol Of Good Luck And Prosperity, Often Depicted In Traditional Stories.
  • The Scientific Research Paper Explored The Genetic Diversity Among Different Kingfisher Species, Shedding Light On Their Evolutionary History.
  • The Calming Sounds Of A Nearby Kingfisher’s Calls Added A Soothing Melody To The Nature Soundscape, Creating A Peaceful Atmosphere By The River.

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