Giraffe Meaning In Marathi | जिराफचा मराठीत अर्थ


Giraffe Meaning In Marathi

जिराफ हा आफ्रिकेतील एक मोठा, लांब मानेचा सस्तन प्राणी आहे.

Giraffe Information

तो त्याच्या विशिष्ट स्पॉटेड कोट, लांब मान आणि उंच उंचीसाठी ओळखला जातो, ज्यामुळे तो सर्वात उंच जिवंत पार्थिव प्राणी बनतो. जिराफ हे शाकाहारी प्राणी आहेत, ते प्रामुख्याने त्यांच्या पूर्वापार जीभ वापरून झाडांच्या पानांवर अन्न खातात. ते प्राण्यांच्या साम्राज्यात त्यांच्या अद्वितीय आणि मोहक स्वरूपासाठी ओळखले जातात.

Giraffe Meaning In Marathi

Giraffe Meaning Synonyms

  • Long-Necked Mammal
  • Towering Herbivore
  • Graceful Giant
  • African Ruminant
  • Necked Wonder
  • Majestic Herbivore
  • Spotted Marvel
  • Elegant Browsing Creature
  • Beautiful Long-Necked Beast

Giraffe Meaning Antonyms

  • Short-Nnecked Mammal
  • Ground-Dwelling Creature
  • Stubby-Necked Animal
  • Petite Herbivore
  • Small-Sized Ruminant
  • Low-Statured Savannah Dweller
  • Short-Necked Wonder

Examples Of Giraffe Meaning

  • The Giraffe Gracefully Stretched Its Long Neck To Reach The Leaves At The Top Of The Acacia Tree.
  • During The Safari, We Were Fortunate To Spot A Group Of Giraffes Wandering Across The Vast Savannah.
  • Children At The Zoo Marveled At The Towering Giraffes As They Fed Them From Elevated Platforms.
  • The Giraffe’s Distinctive Spotted Coat Serves As Excellent Camouflage In The Dappled Sunlight Of The African Plains.
  • Conservation Efforts Are Crucial To Protecting The Habitat And Well-being Of Giraffes, Whose Numbers Have Been Declining In Recent Years.
  • As The Tallest Land Animals, Giraffes Have A Unique And Fascinating Anatomy, Including Their Exceptionally Long Necks And Legs.
  • Safari Guides Often Share Interesting Facts About Giraffes, Such As Their Ability To Consume Large Quantities Of Leaves In A Single Day.
  • In African Folklore, The Giraffe Is Sometimes Featured As A Symbol Of Grace And Elegance In Storytelling And Traditional Art.
  • Researchers Study The Social Behavior Of Giraffes To Better Understand Their Communication Patterns And Interactions Within Herds.
  • The Zoo’s Newest Exhibit Showcases A Family Of Giraffes, Providing Visitors With An Up-close Experience Of These Majestic Creatures.

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