Ostrich Meaning In Marathi | Ostrich चा मराठीत अर्थ


Ostrich Meaning In Marathi

शहामृग हा आफ्रिकेतील एक मोठा उड्डाण नसलेला पक्षी आहे, जो त्याच्या लांब पाय आणि मान तसेच उडण्यास असमर्थता यासाठी ओळखला जातो.

Ostrich Information

ही सर्वात मोठी जिवंत पक्षी प्रजाती आहे आणि त्याचे वैशिष्ट्यपूर्ण पिसारा आणि एक प्रमुख, अनेकदा चमकदार रंगीत मान आहे. शहामृग हे धावण्यासाठी उत्तम प्रकारे जुळवून घेतात आणि सर्वात वेगाने धावणारे पक्षी मानले जातात.

Ostrich Meaning In Marathi

Ostrich Meaning Synonyms

  • Flightless Bird
  • Ratite
  • Emu
  • Cassowary
  • Big Bird
  • Giant Bird
  • Feathered Creature

Ostrich Meaning Antonyms

  • Flying Bird
  • Aerial Bird
  • Aviator
  • Winged Creature
  • Soaring Bird

Examples Of Ostrich Meaning

  • Visitors Marveled At The Ostriches In The Zoo, Admiring Their Distinctive Plumage And Long Legs.
  • The Safari Guide Pointed Out A Group Of Ostriches Grazing On The Open Plains, Their Large, Flightless Bodies Moving Gracefully.
  • Children Giggled As They Watched The Farm’s Resident Ostriches Curiously Pecking At The Ground.
  • The Nature Documentary Featured Stunning Footage Of Ostriches Sprinting Across The African Savannah, Showcasing Their Remarkable Speed.
  • The Fashion Designer Incorporated Ostrich Feathers Into The Extravagant Costume, Adding A Touch Of Elegance And Flair.
  • In The Latest Issue, National Geographic Highlighted The Unique Adaptations Of The Ostrich, Emphasizing Its Significance In The Ecosystem.
  • The Entrepreneur Decided To Venture Into Ostrich Farming, Aiming To Raise These Majestic Birds For Their Valuable Feathers And Meat.
  • The Vibrant Illustrations In The Children’s Book Portrayed A Whimsical Scene Where An Ostrich Played A Central Role In The Adventure.
  • As The Group Strolled Through The Wildlife Sanctuary, The Guide Shared Interesting Facts About The Resident Ostriches, Capturing The Visitors’ Attention.
  • In Her Travel Diary, She Wrote About The Surreal Experience Of Encountering A Flock Of Ostriches During A Sunrise Hike In The Namibian Desert.

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