Hibiscus Meaning In Marathi | मराठीत अर्थ


Hibiscus Meaning In Marathi

हिबिस्कस हिबिस्कस वंशातील एक फुलांची वनस्पती आहे, विशेषत: प्रमुख पुंकेसर असलेली मोठी, रंगीबेरंगी फुले आणि विशिष्ट ट्रम्पेट-आकाराची रचना. फ्लॉवर बहुतेकदा सौंदर्य, स्त्रीत्व आणि उष्णकटिबंधीय प्रदेशांशी संबंधित आहे.

Hibiscus Meaning In Marathi

Hibiscus Meaning Synonyms

  • Flowering Plant
  • Tropical Flower
  • Blossom
  • Bloom
  • Ornamental Flower
  • Decorative Plant

Hibiscus Meaning Antonyms

  • Non-Flowering Plant
  • Temperate Plant
  • Dullness
  • Ordinary Foliage
  • Plainness

Examples Of Hibiscus Meaning

  • The Hibiscus In Her Hair Added A Vibrant Touch To Her Appearance.
  • The Artist Painted A Beautiful Hibiscus In The Corner Of The Canvas.
  • In Tropical Climates, Hibiscus Flowers Bloom Abundantly Throughout The Year.
  • As A Symbol Of Love And Passion, He Gifted Her A Bouquet Of Hibiscus Flowers.
  • The Scent Of Hibiscus Filled The Air, Creating A Delightful Atmosphere In The Garden.
  • She Wore A Dress Adorned With Intricate Hibiscus Patterns For The Summer Party.
  • During The Wedding Ceremony, The Bride’s Bouquet Featured Bright Red Hibiscus Flowers.
  • In Hawaiian Culture, Hibiscus Is Often Used In Leis To Welcome Guests.
  • The Exotic Beauty Of The Hibiscus Attracted Tourists From Around The World To The Botanical Garden.
  • With Its Delicate Petals And Striking Colors, The Hibiscus Is A Popular Subject For Photographers And Artists Alike.

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