Cyber Meaning In Marathi | मराठीत सायबर अर्थ


Cyber Meaning In Marathi

“सायबर” हा शब्द सामान्यतः संगणक, डिजिटल तंत्रज्ञान, इंटरनेट किंवा आभासी वास्तवाशी संबंधित कोणत्याही गोष्टीला सूचित करतो.

Cyber Meaning In Marathi

Cyber Meaning Synonyms

  • Digital
  • Virtual
  • Online
  • Electronic
  • Computerized
  • Technological
  • Internet-Related

Cyber Meaning Antonyms

  • Analog
  • Physical
  • Non-Digital
  • Offline
  • Manual
  • Traditional
  • Conventional

Cyber Uses

  • Cybersecurity: Measures And Practices Aimed At Protecting Computer Systems, Networks, And Data From Unauthorized Access, Cyberattacks, And Other Security Threats.
  • Cyberspace: The Virtual Environment Where Digital Communication, Transactions, And Interactions Take Place, Encompassing The Internet, Online Platforms, And Digital Networks.
  • Cybercrime: Criminal Activities Conducted Using Computers, Networks, Or Digital Devices, Such As Hacking, Identity Theft, Fraud, And Online Scams.
  • Cyberwarfare: The Use Of Digital Technology, Including Hacking And Cyberattacks, To Conduct Espionage, Sabotage, Or Warfare In The Virtual Realm, Often Involving Nation-states Or Organized Groups.
  • Cyberbullying: Harassment, Intimidation, Or Bullying That Occurs Online, Typically Through Social Media, Messaging Apps, Or Other Digital Platforms.
  • Cybernetics: The Interdisciplinary Study Of Communication And Control Processes In Living Organisms And Machines, Often Focusing On The Interaction Between Humans And Technology.
  • Cybernetic Enhancements: The Integration Of Technology With The Human Body Or Cognitive Processes To Enhance Physical Abilities, Cognitive Functions, Or Sensory Perception, Often Associated With Concepts Like Transhumanism Or Cyborgs.

Examples Of Cyber Meaning

  • Logging Into Your Email Account To Send A Cyber Greeting To A Friend.
  • Updating Your Antivirus Software To Protect Your Computer From Cyber Threats.
  • Participating In An Online Cyber Security Training Program.
  • Reporting A Case Of Cyberbullying On Social Media To The Platform’s Moderators.
  • Researching Cybercrime Statistics To Understand The Prevalence Of Online Fraud.
  • Playing A Multiplayer Video Game In A Cyber World With Friends From Around The Globe.
  • Setting Up Two-factor Authentication For Added Security On Your Cyber Accounts.
  • Attending A Webinar On The Latest Cyber Threats And Prevention Strategies.
  • Implementing Cyber Hygiene Practices Like Regularly Updating Passwords And Software.
  • Collaborating With Colleagues On A Cyber Defense Project To Enhance Network Security.

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