White Stork Meaning In Marathi | व्हाईट स्टॉर्क अर्थ


White Stork Meaning In Marathi

“व्हाईट स्टॉर्क” हा लांब पाय आणि विशिष्ट पांढरा पिसारा असलेला एक मोठा वेडिंग पक्षी आहे.

White Stork Meaning In Marathi

White Stork Meaning Synonyms

  • European Stork
  • Common Stork
  • Stork Bird

White Stork Meaning Antonyms

  • Black Swan
  • Bald Eagle
  • Raven
  • Crow
  • Vulture

Example Of White Stork Meaning

  • The White Stork Nested Atop The Chimney, A Symbol Of Good Luck In Many Cultures.
  • During Migration Season, Thousands Of White Storks Can Be Seen Soaring Across The Sky.
  • We Spotted A Pair Of White Storks Foraging For Food In The Marshlands.
  • The White Stork’s Distinctive Bill Is Well-adapted For Catching Fish And Frogs.
  • In Folklore, The Arrival Of A White Stork Is Often Associated With The Birth Of A Child.
  • The White Stork’s Graceful Flight Pattern Mesmerized Onlookers At The Nature Reserve.
  • Conservation Efforts Have Helped Increase The Population Of White Storks In Certain Regions.
  • A White Stork’s Nest Can Weigh Up To Several Hundred Pounds And Is Meticulously Constructed.
  • The Sight Of A White Stork Gracefully Gliding Through The Air Is Truly Breathtaking.
  • White Storks Often Migrate Over Long Distances, Crossing Continents In Search Of Suitable Habitats.

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