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Rabbit Meaning In Marathi

  • ससा
  • खरगोश
Rabbit Meaning In Marathi

“ससा” हा शब्द लेपोरिडे कुटुंबाशी संबंधित लांब कान, लहान फुगीर शेपटी आणि मऊ फर असलेल्या लहान सस्तन प्राण्याला सूचित करतो.

Examples Of Rabbit Meaning

  • The Rabbit Darted Into The Bushes When It Sensed Danger.
  • I Saw A Cute Rabbit Munching On Carrots In The Garden.
  • During Easter, Many Children Participate In Egg Hunts With The Easter Bunny, A Fictional Rabbit.
  • Rabbits Are Prolific Breeders And Can Have Multiple Litters In A Year.
  • The Magician Pulled A Rabbit Out Of His Hat To The Amazement Of The Audience.
  • Wild Rabbits Often Burrow Underground To Create Their Homes.
  • The Scientist Studied The Behavior Of Rabbits In Their Natural Habitat.
  • Some Species Of Rabbits Change The Color Of Their Fur To Adapt To Seasonal Changes.
  • Rabbits Are Herbivores, Primarily Feeding On Grasses, Vegetables, And Herbs.
  • In Folklore, Rabbits Are Sometimes Depicted As Clever Tricksters, Such As In The Story Of Br’er Rabbit.

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