Ogling Meaning In Hindi | ओग्लिंग मीनिंग इन हिंदी


Ogling Meaning In Hindi

ओग्लिंग का तात्पर्य किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु को कामुकतापूर्ण या लालची इरादे से घूरना है, अक्सर अनुचित या दखल देने वाले तरीके से।

Ogling Meaning In Hindi

Ogling Meaning Synonyms

  • Gazing
  • Eyeing
  • Glancing
  • Lusting
  • Watching

Ogling Meaning Antonyms

  • Ignoring
  • Disregarding
  • Avoiding Eye Contact
  • Looking Away
  • Being Indifferent
  • Respecting Privacy
  • Not Noticing
  • Showing Restraint

Examples Of Ogling Meaning

  • The Man Couldn’t Help But Ogle At The Woman’s Revealing Outfit As She Walked Past Him.
  • During The Meeting, John Was Caught Ogling At His Colleague Instead Of Paying Attention To The Presentation.
  • Sarah Felt Uncomfortable When She Noticed The Group Of Teenagers Ogling At Her While She Was Trying To Enjoy Her Day At The Beach.
  • The Actor Was Used To People Ogling At Him Wherever He Went Due To His Celebrity Status.
  • Despite Her Efforts To Ignore It, Jane Couldn’t Shake The Feeling Of Being Ogled By The Stranger Sitting Across From Her On The Bus.

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