Hues Meaning In Hindi | ह्यूज़ का मतलब


Hues Meaning In Hindi

“ह्यूज़” रंगों या शेड्स को संदर्भित करता है।

Hues Meaning In Hindi

Hues Meaning Synonyms

  • Colors
  • Shades
  • Pigments
  • Hues
  • Dyes

Examples Of Hues Meaning

  • The Sunset Painted The Sky With Warm Hues Of Orange And Pink.
  • She Chose A Dress In Vibrant Hues Of Blue And Green For The Party.
  • The Artist Mixed Different Hues Of Red And Yellow To Create An Eye-catching Painting.
  • In Autumn, The Leaves Of Trees Display Various Hues Of Red, Yellow, And Orange.
  • The Interior Decorator Recommended Using Neutral Hues Like Beige And Cream To Create A Calming Atmosphere In The Living Room.
  • The Morning Mist Lent A Soft, Ethereal Hue To The Landscape.
  • The Ocean Shimmered With Hues Of Turquoise And Sapphire Under The Midday Sun.
  • The Flower Garden Boasted A Riot Of Hues, From Deep Purples To Bright Yellows.
  • The Old Photograph Had Faded, Its Once Vibrant Hues Now Muted With Time.
  • The Artist’s Palette Was Filled With An Array Of Hues, Ready To Be Blended Into A Masterpiece.

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