Kabaddi Ground Meaning In Marathi | कबड्डी ग्राउंडचा मराठीत अर्थ


Kabaddi Ground Meaning In Marathi

“कबड्डी मैदान” म्हणजे खेळाचे मैदान किंवा कबड्डी खेळासाठी खास नियुक्त केलेले क्षेत्र. येथेच कबड्डीचे सामने आणि स्पर्धा होतात, ज्यामुळे खेळाडूंना खेळात गुंतण्यासाठी आवश्यक जागा उपलब्ध होते.

Kabaddi Ground Meaning In Marathi

Kabaddi Ground Meaning Synonyms

  • Kabaddi Field
  • Kabaddi Arena
  • Kabaddi Pitch
  • Kabaddi Court
  • Kabaddi Stadium
  • Kabaddi Playing Area

Kabaddi Ground Meaning Antonyms

  • Non-Sports Area
  • Non-Athletic Space
  • Inactive Zone
  • Inert Ground
  • Unsporting Area

Examples Of Kabaddi Ground Meaning

  • The Kids Gathered At The Kabaddi Ground After School For An Impromptu Match.
  • The University Campus Boasts A State-of-the-art Kabaddi Ground For Student Athletes.
  • Local Enthusiasts Cleared A Vacant Lot To Create A Makeshift Kabaddi Ground For Weekend Games.
  • The City’s Recreational Center Offers A Dedicated Kabaddi Ground For Fitness And Fun.
  • A Group Of Friends Marked Boundaries In The Park To Create Their Own Kabaddi Ground.
  • The Annual Inter-school Kabaddi Tournament Took Place On The Spacious Sports Complex Kabaddi Ground.
  • Villagers Collaborated To Refurbish The Old Field, Turning It Into A Vibrant Kabaddi Ground For The Community.
  • The Sports Club Organized A Friendly Match On The Kabaddi Ground To Promote The Traditional Game.
  • The District Administration Invested In Upgrading The Kabaddi Ground To Attract More Local Talent.
  • A National Kabaddi League Match Drew A Large Crowd To The Bustling Kabaddi Ground, Showcasing The Sport’s Popularity.

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