Chowk Meaning In Marathi | चौक चा मराठीत अर्थ


Chowk Meaning In Marathi

“चौक” सामान्यत शहर किंवा शहरातील चौक किंवा चौकाचा संदर्भ देते.

Chowk Meaning In Marathi

Chowk Information

विशेषत: एक व्यस्त किंवा प्रमुख जेथे एकाधिक रस्ते भेटतात. बाजार किंवा संमेलनाचे ठिकाण दर्शविण्यासाठी ते अधिक व्यापकपणे वापरले जाऊ शकते.

Chowk Meaning Synonyms

  • Square
  • Intersection
  • Crossroads
  • Junction
  • Plaza
  • Market Square
  • Town Square
  • Public Square
  • Meeting Point
  • Hub

Chowk Meaning Antonyms

  • Straight Road
  • Highway
  • Thoroughfare
  • Expressway
  • Main Road
  • Bypass

Examples Of Chowk Meaning

  • The Chowk Was Alive With The Sounds Of Vendors Hawking Their Wares.
  • We Got Lost Trying To Navigate Through The Maze Of Streets Near The Chowk.
  • Children Played Cricket In The Dusty Chowk As The Sun Set Behind The Buildings.
  • The Chowk Was Deserted At Night, Except For A Few Stray Dogs Scavenging For Food.
  • Every Morning, Commuters Rushed Through The Chowk To Catch Their Buses And Trains.
  • The Ancient Temple At The Center Of The Chowk Was A Popular Pilgrimage Site.
  • Rickshaws And Motorbikes Weaved Through The Congested Chowk, Creating A Cacophony Of Honking Horns.
  • The Chowk Was Decorated With Colorful Banners And Lights For The Festival Celebrations.
  • Residents Gathered At The Chowk To Protest Against The New Development Project Threatening Their Homes.
  • Street Food Vendors Lined The Edges Of The Chowk, Tempting Passersby With Their Delicious Snacks.

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