What is Otacore music? meaning, Genre, Spotify songs Information


You will not get the meaning of the word Otacore from Wikipedia either. Although Otacore Word is a music related. You must have heard words like pop music, hip hop, remixes. Similarly, Otacore is also a music genre. Which is gaming related. Here you will find the meaning of Ota core, listening to Otacore music, artists of Otacore and many more.

What is Otacore music?

Otacore is a name coined by the Every Noise at Once project in conjunction with Spotify to describe music with heavy origin or basis in fan communities, such as those for anime. Otacore is short for “Otaku Core”.

Otacore meaning, Genre, Spotify Otacore Music songs information

Probably another genre that an artist named his/her music.
I’m guessing Otaku-Core music, where Otaku is Japanese and Core music is probably Hardcore or maybe some other sort of core music, which often has heavy chorus/drop and includes breakdown. So it probably maybe heavy Japanese music. Although it can also include Nightcore that is pitching everything up.

Otacore music meaning

If Spotify says, it’s a genre it probably is. Still, we are like to know what this genre actually is, and what are the common traits of otacore songs and artists are, it sounds like otaku related things but I barely ever listened to anime-related songs… Update: After looking through Spotify’s ONLY ota core playlist, it seems to we that otacore is some mix between anime and Japan-related music, gaming-related music, and the internet made music (both music made by independent internet musicians and music about the internet and it’s culture). There are some regular songs sprinkled in as well inexplicably. we get how they could catalog gaming and internet music in the same place, but I have no idea how those two kinds of music relate to anime or Japan in general…

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Otacore spotify Music Playlist

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Sound of Otacore on Spotify

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History Of Otacore Music

Otacore music genre was formed by Every Noise at Once. Every Noise at Once is an acoustic map of 1300+ genres of world music to explore and listen to music in detail. Spotify for Developers currently holds the ownership of this label. It uses the Spotify user’s listened song information and Spotify algorithm to narrow down the music genres you like and suggest the closest genres of songs.

Music can be categorized into genres in a variety of ways, such as popular and art music, religious and secular music, and so on. As music is an artistic medium, these categories are frequently subjective and debatable, and some genres may overlap. That’s why there are over 1300 genres and otacore is one of them.

Otacore define

Otacore define Urban Dictionary –

A music genre made up of songs heavy origins or basis in fan communities, such as those for anime. A large portion of this genre is made up of J-Pop.
“Otacore. It’s basically anime music”

music from skits/games/anime and otacore means otaku core.

otacore artists list

  • Linked Horizon.
  • Upgrade Now.
  • Хор Отаку Республики Марий Эл
  • Steven Universe.
  • Jeff Williams.
  • All Levels at Once.
  • Upgrade Now.
  • Ken Ashcorp.

More Artists..

Top 50 otacore Music Tracks

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