Waiving Meaning In Tamil | தமிழில் அர்த்தம்


Waiving Meaning In Tamil

“விலகல்” என்பது ஒரு உரிமை, உரிமைகோரல் அல்லது சிறப்புரிமையை தானாக முன்வந்து விட்டுக்கொடுக்கும் அல்லது விட்டுக்கொடுப்பதைக் குறிக்கிறது.

Waiving Meaning In Tamil

Waiving Meaning Synonyms

  • Surrendering
  • Relinquishing
  • Abandoning
  • Forgoing
  • Renouncing
  • Letting Go
  • Disclaiming
  • Conceding

Waiving Meaning Antonyms

  • Asserting
  • Claiming
  • Insisting
  • Demanding
  • Upholding
  • Maintaining
  • Retaining
  • Preserving
  • Exercising

Examples Of Waiving Meaning

  • The Bank Offered To Waive The Penalty Fee For Late Payment If The Borrower Agreed To Set Up Automatic Payments.
  • The Organization Waived The Membership Fees For Low-income Individuals To Ensure Inclusivity And Accessibility.
  • In The Divorce Settlement, One Spouse Agreed To Waive Their Rights To The Family Home In Exchange For Full Custody Of Their Children.
  • Despite Not Meeting The Return Deadline, The Store Manager Decided To Waive The Policy And Offer A Full Refund To The Dissatisfied Customer.
  • The Government Announced A Program To Waive Visa Requirements For Travelers From Certain Countries To Promote Tourism And Cultural Exchange.
  • The Professor Decided To Waive The Attendance Requirement For Students Who Had Valid Medical Reasons For Missing Class.
  • By Accepting The Terms And Conditions, Users Effectively Waive Their Privacy Rights And Allow The App To Collect Personal Data For Targeted Advertising.
  • The Therapist Waived Their Usual Consultation Fee For Clients Affected By A Natural Disaster, Providing Support During A Difficult Time.
  • The Artist Agreed To Waive Their Usual Licensing Fees For A Charity Event To Raise Funds For A Worthy Cause.
  • The Judge Allowed The Defendant To Waive Their Right To A Trial By Jury And Opted For A Bench Trial Instead, Expediting The Legal Process.

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