Vinyasa Meaning In Marathi | विन्यासचा मराठीत अर्थ


Vinyasa Meaning In Marathi

“विन्यासा” हा योगाच्या शैलीचा संदर्भ देतो.

Vinyasa Meaning In Marathi

Vinyasa Information

एका आसनातून दुसऱ्या आसनात सहजतेने संक्रमण करून वैशिष्ट्यीकृत, अनेकदा श्वासोच्छवासासह समन्वयित. हे हालचाल आणि श्वास यांच्यातील प्रवाहावर जोर देते, एक गतिशील आणि ध्यान सराव तयार करते.

Vinyasa Meaning Synonyms

  • Flow Yoga
  • Flow Sequence
  • Flowing Yoga
  • Dynamic Yoga
  • Breath-synchronized Yoga
  • Sequential Yoga
  • Continuous Movement Yoga
  • Flowing Sequence

Vinyasa Meaning Antonyms

  • Static Yoga
  • Stationary Practice
  • Fixed Posture Yoga
  • Isolated Movement Yoga
  • Non-flowing Yoga
  • Disconnected Sequence
  • Stagnant Practice
  • Stillness-focused Yoga

Examples Of Vinyasa Meaning

  • Flowing From Mountain Pose To Forward Fold, Then To Halfway Lift, And Back To Forward Fold, Coordinating Each Movement With A Breath.
  • Moving Through A Sequence Of Cat-cow Stretches, Syncing Each Arch And Rounding Of The Spine With An Inhale And Exhale.
  • Transitioning From Cobra Pose To Downward Facing Dog, Smoothly Bridging The Gap Between Backbends And Forward Bends.
  • Shifting From Warrior I To Warrior Ii, Then To Reverse Warrior, And Finally To Extended Side Angle Pose, Maintaining A Continuous Flow Of Movement.
  • Flowing Through A Series Of Balancing Poses Like Tree Pose, Warrior Iii, And Dancer’s Pose, Finding Stability And Grace In Each Transition.
  • Weaving Together Side Plank, Plank, And Four-limbed Staff Pose In A Vinyasa Sequence That Strengthens The Core And Arms.
  • Intertwining Breath And Movement While Transitioning Between Sun Salutations, Creating A Rhythmic And Energizing Flow.
  • Sequencing Through A Combination Of Standing, Seated, And Supine Poses, Maintaining Fluidity And Ease Throughout The Practice.
  • Progressing From A Seated Forward Fold To A Seated Twist, Then To A Gentle Backbend, And Finally To A Calming Posture Like Child’s Pose.
  • Flowing Through A Dynamic Sequence Of Lunges, Twists, And Inversions, Exploring The Interconnectedness Of Body, Breath, And Mind.

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