Upnetram Meaning In Hindi | उपनेत्रम का मतलब


Upnetram Meaning In Hindi


“उपनेत्रम” त्वचा की पतली तह को संदर्भित करता है जो आंख को ढकती है और उसकी रक्षा करती है।

Upnetram Meaning In Hindi

Upnetram Meaning Synonyms

  • Eyelid Skin
  • Lid
  • Eye Cover

Upnetram Meaning Antonyms

  • Eye Wide Open
  • Eye Uncovered
  • Eye Exposed
  • Eye Unsheltered
  • Eye Bared

Examples Of Upnetram Meaning

  • When You Wake Up, Your Upnetram Gradually Opens, Allowing Light To Enter Your Eyes.
  • Dust Particles Were Trapped By Her Upnetram, Preventing Them From Irritating Her Eyes.
  • Closing Your Upnetram Protects Your Eyes From Potential Harm, Such As When Chopping Onions.
  • The Doctor Examined The Patient’s Upnetram To Check For Any Signs Of Infection Or Inflammation.
  • Tears Welled Up Behind Her Closed Upnetram, Reflecting Her Emotional State.
  • Blinking Helps To Spread Moisture Over The Surface Of The Eye Through The Movement Of The Upnetram.
  • Makeup Artists Often Emphasize The Upnetram With Eyeliner And Eyeshadow To Enhance The Appearance Of The Eyes.
  • In Some Cultures, It’s Customary To Close The Upnetram As A Sign Of Respect Or Concentration During Meditation.
  • During Sleep, The Upnetram Remains Closed To Shield The Eyes From Light And Foreign Objects.
  • An Injury To The Upnetram Can Impair Vision And Cause Discomfort, Requiring Medical Attention For Proper Healing.

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