Sunset Meaning In Marathi


Sunset Meaning In Marathi

  • सूर्यास्त
Sunset Meaning In Marathi

“सूर्यास्त” हा शब्द दैनंदिन नैसर्गिक घटनेला सूचित करतो जेव्हा सूर्य संध्याकाळी क्षितिजाच्या खाली अदृश्य होतो, लाल आणि केशरी ते गुलाबी आणि जांभळ्या रंगाच्या आकाशात रंगांचे एक विशिष्ट प्रदर्शन तयार करतो. हे दिवसाचा शेवट आणि रात्रीचे संक्रमण चिन्हांकित करते.

Sunset Meaning Synonyms

  • Dusk
  • Twilight
  • Sundown
  • Evening
  • Nightfall
  • Decline Of Day
  • Dimming Of Light

Sunset Meaning Antonyms

  • Sunrise
  • Dawn
  • Daybreak
  • Morning
  • Sunrise
  • First Light
  • Daylight
  • Brightening
  • Daytime

Examples Of Sunset Meaning

  • After A Day At The Beach, We Watched The Sunset, Mesmerized By Its Beauty.
  • The City Skyline Was Silhouetted Against The Stunning Colors Of The Sunset.
  • As The Sun Disappeared, The Sky Transformed Into A Canvas Of Vibrant Hues.
  • Sitting On The Porch, I Savored The Tranquility Of The Sunset.
  • Birds Chirped Softly As The World Bathed In The Glow Of The Sunset.
  • The Air Was Crisp And Cool As We Admired The Fiery Sunset From The Hilltop.
  • Couples Walked Hand In Hand, Enjoying The Romantic Backdrop Of The Sunset.
  • The Sunset Marked The End Of Another Day, Bringing A Sense Of Peace And Closure.
  • Shadows Grew Longer As The Sun Descended, Signaling The Onset Of Evening.
  • From My Window, I Watched The Sunset, Feeling Grateful For Another Day.

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