Succumbed Meaning In Tamil


Succumbed Meaning In Tamil

“சரணடைந்தது” என்பது உயர்ந்த வலிமை அல்லது சக்திக்கு அடிபணிவது, அதிக ஆசை அல்லது அழுத்தத்திற்கு வழிவகுப்பது அல்லது நோய் அல்லது காயத்திற்கு அடிபணிவது, பெரும்பாலும் தோல்வி அல்லது தோல்வியை விளைவிப்பது.

Succumbed Meaning In Tamil

Succumbed Meaning Synonyms

  • Yielded
  • Surrendered
  • Relented
  • Submitted
  • Conceded

Succumbed Meaning Antonyms

  • Resisted
  • Endured
  • Overcame
  • Withstood
  • Prevailed
  • Persevered
  • Triumphed
  • Conquered
  • Mastered
  • Overpowered

Examples Of Succumbed Meaning

  • Despite His Determination, He Succumbed To Peer Pressure And Joined In The Mischief.
  • The Old Bridge Finally Succumbed To The Ravages Of Time And Collapsed Into The River Below.
  • She Succumbed To Laughter When Her Friend Told A Hilarious Joke.
  • The Patient Succumbed To The Disease After A Long Battle With Illness.
  • The Cat Succumbed To Its Curiosity And Pounced On The Moving Toy.
  • Despite His Best Efforts, He Succumbed To Sleepiness During The Boring Lecture.
  • The Company Eventually Succumbed To Financial Difficulties And Had To Declare Bankruptcy.
  • The Athlete Succumbed To Exhaustion During The Marathon And Couldn’t Finish The Race.
  • Despite Warnings, Many Drivers Succumbed To The Icy Roads And Ended Up In Accidents.
  • The Fragile Vase Succumbed To A Gentle Bump And Shattered Into Pieces.

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