Spidercam Meaning In Hindi | स्पाइडरकैम का अर्थ


Spidercam Meaning In Hindi

स्पाइडरकैम एक कैमरा सिस्टम को संदर्भित करता है जिसका उपयोग मुख्य रूप से खेल प्रसारण में किया जाता है।

Spidercam Meaning In Hindi

Spidercam Meaning Synonyms

  • Cable-Suspended Camera System
  • Aerial Camera Rig
  • Wire-Suspended Camera Setup
  • Suspended Camera Network

Spidercam Meaning Antonyms

  • Fixed Camera
  • Ground-Based Camera
  • Stationary Camera
  • Static Camera

Examples Of Spidercam Meaning

  • The Spidercam Captured The Quarterback’s Pass From Above, Giving Viewers A Clear View Of The Play.
  • During The Soccer Match, The Spidercam Followed The Players’ Movements Across The Field With Precision.
  • The Spidercam Swooped Down To Catch Every Swing Of The Golfer’s Club, Adding Excitement To The Broadcast.
  • In The Rugby Game, The Spidercam Provided Dynamic Shots Of The Intense Tackles And Scrums.
  • At The Olympic Stadium, The Spidercam Showcased The Athletes’ Performances In Stunning Detail.
  • The Spidercam Glided Gracefully Above The Tennis Court, Tracking The Players’ Every Move.
  • From High Above The Basketball Court, The Spidercam Captured The Fast-paced Action Of The Game.
  • The Spidercam’s Aerial Perspective Offered A Unique View Of The Formula 1 Race As Cars Sped Around The Track.
  • During The Cricket Match, The Spidercam Provided Immersive Coverage Of The Bowler’s Delivery And The Batsman’s Shots.
  • At The Ice Hockey Arena, The Spidercam Followed The Puck’s Movements With Precision, Enhancing The Viewing Experience For Fans.

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