Intimacy Meaning In Gujarati


Intimacy Meaning In Gujarati

Intimacy એ વ્યક્તિઓ વચ્ચેના ગાઢ, પરિચિત અને પ્રેમાળ અંગત સંબંધ અથવા જોડાણનો સંદર્ભ આપે છે.

Intimacy Meaning In Gujarati

Intimacy Information

જે ભાવનાત્મક, શારીરિક અથવા આધ્યાત્મિક નિકટતા અને સમજણ દ્વારા વર્ગીકૃત થયેલ છે. તેમાં લોકો વચ્ચે વહેંચાયેલ વિશ્વાસ, નબળાઈ અને નિખાલસતાની ભાવનાનો સમાવેશ થાય છે.

Intimacy Meaning Synonyms

  • Closeness
  • Affection
  • Warmth
  • Closeness
  • Familiarity
  • Rapport
  • Connection
  • Companionship
  • Camaraderie

Intimacy Meaning Antonyms

  • Distance
  • Estrangement
  • Indifference
  • Aloofness
  • Disconnection
  • Separation
  • Unfriendliness

Examples Of Intimacy Meaning

  • Sharing Personal Thoughts And Feelings With A Close Friend Or Partner.
  • Holding Hands And Cuddling With A Romantic Partner.
  • Having Deep, Meaningful Conversations With Someone You Trust.
  • Being Physically Affectionate With A Loved One, Such As Hugging Or Kissing.
  • Sharing Secrets Or Private Information With Someone You Feel Close To.
  • Feeling Comfortable And Secure In The Presence Of Someone You Care About.
  • Engaging In Acts Of Kindness And Support For Each Other In A Relationship.
  • Spending Quality Time Together, Whether It’s Watching A Movie, Going For A Walk, Or Simply Enjoying Each Other’s Company.
  • Being Able To Be Your Authentic Self Without Fear Of Judgment Or Rejection.
  • Building A Strong Emotional Connection And Sense Of Understanding With Another Person.

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