Peepul Meaning In Tamil | தமிழில் அர்த்தம்


Peepul Meaning In Tamil

அரச மரம்

Peepul Meaning In Tamil

Peepul Meaning Information

  • This Literally Translates To “King Tree” And Refers To The Ficus Religiosa, Commonly Known As The Peepal Tree.
  • It Is Also Commonly Known As The Bodhi Tree And Holds Religious Significance In Various Cultures, Particularly In Hinduism And Buddhism. The Term “Peepul” Is Often Used To Specifically Refer To This Type Of Tree.

Peepul Meaning Synonyms

  • Sacred Fig Tree
  • Bodhi Tree
  • Ficus Religiosa (Scientific Name)
  • Bo Tree

Peepul Meaning Antonyms

  • Herb
  • Plant
  • Vine

Examples Of Peepul Meaning

  • The Peepul, With Its Lush Green Foliage And Spreading Branches, Stands As A Botanical Marvel In The Heart Of The Forest.
  • In Many Villages, The Peepul Is Not Just A Tree; It’s A Sacred Haven Where Prayers And Rituals Echo Under Its Tranquil Shade.
  • Ancient Ruins Often Feature The Peepul, A Living Testament To Centuries Of Cultural Reverence And Historical Significance.
  • As An Environmental Ally, The Peepul Silently Contributes To Cleaner Air And Biodiversity, Making It An Unsung Hero In Urban Landscapes.
  • “The Village Square, Adorned With A Centuries-old Peepul, Remains A Cultural Cornerstone—a Witness To Countless Tales And Traditions.
  • The Peaceful Aura Of The Peepul Grove Draws Seekers Of Solitude, Creating An Ideal Setting For Meditation And Self-reflection.
  • For Artists, The Intricate Patterns Of Peepul Leaves And The Interplay Of Sunlight Through Its Branches Offer Endless Inspiration On Canvas.
  • Under The Expansive Branches Of The Peepul, The Community Gathers For Celebrations, Discussions, And The Simple Joy Of Shared Moments.
  • The School Courtyard Boasts A Stately Peepul, Doubling As An Outdoor Classroom Where Students Learn About Nature’s Wonders.
  • During Festivals, The Town Square Transforms With The Vibrant Colors Of Decorations, With The Peepul Serving As The Festive Focal Point.

Verbatim Meaning In Tamil | வெர்பேடிம் பொருள்

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