Niece Meaning In Hindi | निस का हिंदी में मतलब


Niece Meaning In Hindi


भतीजी किसी के भाई या बहन की बेटी होती है।

Niece Meaning In Hindi

Niece Meaning Synonyms

  • Nephew’s Daughter
  • Sister’s/ Brother’s Daughter
  • Relative
  • Offspring
  • Family Member
  • Heiress

Examples Of Niece Meaning

  • I’m Going To Visit My Niece In New York Next Weekend.
  • Sarah’s Niece Is A Talented Artist And Just Had Her First Gallery Exhibition.
  • My Niece Graduated With Honors From University Last Month.
  • It’s My Niece’s Birthday, So I’m Planning To Surprise Her With A Special Gift.
  • Aunt Linda Is Very Close To Her Nieces And Nephews, Often Hosting Family Gatherings At Her Home.
  • Jake Took His Niece To The Amusement Park For A Fun Day Out.
  • The Proud Aunt Shared Photos Of Her Niece’s Dance Recital On Social Media.
  • My Niece Is Studying Medicine And Hopes To Become A Doctor One Day.
  • Emily Is Babysitting Her Niece For The Weekend While Her Sister Is Away.
  • The Family Gathered To Celebrate The Holidays, And The Youngest Niece Led The Singing Of Christmas Carols.

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