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Deer Meaning In Marathi

“हरिण” हा चार पायांचा, खुर असलेला सस्तन प्राणी आहे जो सर्व्हिडे कुटुंबातील आहे.

Deer Meaning In Marathi

Deer Information

ते त्यांच्या सडपातळ शरीरासाठी, लांब पायांसाठी आणि सामान्यत: शिंगांच्या उपस्थितीसाठी ओळखले जातात, जे अनेक प्रजातींमध्ये नरांच्या डोक्यावर हाडांचे विस्तार असतात. हरीण सामान्यतः जगभरातील विविध अधिवासांमध्ये आढळतात आणि त्यांच्या मांसासाठी आणि शिंगांसाठी त्यांची शिकार केली जाते.

Deer Meaning Synonyms

  • Stag
  • Fawn
  • Antlered Animal
  • Venison

Deer Meaning Antonyms

  • Predator
  • Hunter
  • Carnivore
  • Predator
  • Carnivorous Animal
  • Aggressor
  • Poacher
  • Prey
  • Attacker
  • Carnivorous Creature

Examples Of Deer Meaning

  • As The Sun Set, A Graceful Deer Emerged From The Forest, Grazing Peacefully In The Meadow.
  • During Our Camping Trip, We Were Lucky Enough To Spot A Family Of Deer Crossing The Trail.
  • Hunters Often Seek Out Deer During The Autumn Season For Their Venison.
  • The Doe Cautiously Led Her Fawns Through The Thick Woods, Keeping A Watchful Eye For Any Potential Threats.
  • A Majestic Stag With Impressive Antlers Stood Proudly At The Edge Of The Clearing, Surveying His Territory.
  • Drivers Are Advised To Be Cautious In Rural Areas, Especially At Dawn And Dusk, As Deer Are Known To Cross Roads Unpredictably.
  • In Some Cultures, The Deer Symbolizes Gentleness, Intuition, And Sensitivity.
  • The National Park Is Home To A Diverse Range Of Wildlife, Including Red And Fallow Deer.
  • We Were Fortunate To Witness A Rare Albino Deer In The Wilderness, Its White Coat Standing Out Against The Green Foliage.
  • The Conservation Efforts Have Led To An Increase In The Deer Population In The Region, Promoting Biodiversity.

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