Mullet Fish Meaning In Marathi | मुलेट फिश चा मराठीत अर्थ


Mullet Fish Meaning In Marathi

“मुलेट फिश” हा सामान्यत मुगिलिडे कुटुंबातील विविध प्रकारच्या माशांचा संदर्भ देतो.

Mullet Fish Meaning In Marathi

Mullet Fish Information

हे मासे त्यांच्या विशिष्ट सपाट आणि लांबलचक शरीरासाठी तसेच त्यांच्या चांदीच्या किंवा राखाडी रंगासाठी ओळखले जातात. मुल्लेट्स बहुतेकदा खार्या पाण्याच्या आणि गोड्या पाण्याच्या वातावरणात आढळतात आणि ते अनेक प्रकारचे क्षार सहन करण्याच्या क्षमतेसाठी ओळखले जातात. काही पाककृतींमध्ये त्यांच्या चवदार आणि कोमल देहासाठी त्यांचे मूल्य आहे.

Mullet Fish Meaning Synonyms

  • Grey Mullet
  • Striped Mullet
  • Mugil
  • Flathead Grey Mullet
  • White Mullet
  • Sea Mullet
  • Jumping Mullet

Examples Of Mullet Fish Meaning

  • The Coastal Restaurant Featured A Delicious Grilled Mullet Fish On Its Menu.
  • Fishermen In The Area Set Their Nets Hoping To Catch A Variety Of Fish, Including Mullet.
  • In Many Mediterranean Cuisines, Mullet Fish Is Often Prepared With Herbs And Olive Oil.
  • The Fish Market Had A Fresh Supply Of Grey Mullet, Which Was A Popular Choice Among The Locals.
  • As A Traditional Dish, Smoked Mullet Fish Is Enjoyed During Festivals And Celebrations In The Coastal Region.
  • Anglers Were Excited About The Annual Mullet Run, A Natural Phenomenon Where Large Schools Of Mullet Migrate Along The Coastline.
  • The Chef Recommended Pairing The Mullet Fish With A Citrusy Sauce To Enhance Its Flavor Profile.
  • During The Fishing Competition, The Largest Mullet Caught Weighed In At Over Ten Pounds.
  • Mullet Fish Is Known For Its Versatility In Cooking, Suitable For Grilling, Baking, Or Frying.
  • The Conservationists Worked To Protect The Habitats Of Mullet Fish To Ensure Sustainable Fishing Practices In The Region.

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