How to Stay Motivated All the Time – Real Solution


How First of all you have to ask yourself a question whether you really need to be motivated all the time .

If not, then leave the topic, 

But if you want to stay motivated all the time, and you really want this, then read further….


Many people have a question that


How to Stay Motivated All the Time, How do I Motivate Myself to Work Hard, How Can I Motivate at Home, How to Stay Motivated in Life, How to Stay Motivated everyday?

In this Article we are going to discuss permanent motivation …

How to Stay Motivated All the Time | Secret of Staying Motivated 

Now there are two types of motivation .

  • Temporary motivation 
  • Permanent motivation 


Temporary motivation :- 

When you listen to a motivational speaker or read motivational quotes, we are  completely charged up straightaway ..

And at that time we think that I can do anything, After some time we become normal ..

Remember one thing as long as you are dependent on external factors, then you can’t remain motivated all the time ..


Is temporary motivation effective ?

Very effective but only for the short term, not just the long term ..

For example :-

You want to build a good body within a year . for that you will have to do a daily workout 

It’s going to be very painful ..

Based on the temporary motivation you can do only a few weeks, even a few days, you won’t be able to do it year by year .. 

But if you have a long term vision, then permanent motivation works very well to keep continuing ..


Permanent motivation :- 

When you have 100 % control on yourself that is permanent motivation because one wrong thought totally spoiled your life ..


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The Secret of Staying Motivated All the Time – 3 Best Tips 

If your mind is absolutely clear about your goal then you don’t need any kind of motivation then, it will automatically feed in your mind .

One thing you realise many times is that when your mind is completely clear in any work, at that time, then you have 100% control over yourself .


What are possible ways to stay motivated ? 

3 unique ways to stay motivated to do what you want 


1)- You must have a long term goal

When you have a long term goal, then you also have patience inside, so that you are moving slowly towards your goal .

Long term goal + patience = success 

Don’t compare yourself with others, just compare your today with your yesterday. If there is an improvement, that’s your achievement, So focus on your goal .


2)- Physically fitness 

Now you will be wondering what is the relationship between motivation and physical fitness ? 

Remember the day when you are fully fit, how were you feeling at that time .

I bet you were feeling energetic and your mind was peaceful.

I am telling you the biggest secret of a happy and healthy life or a successful life .

When your mind is absolutely calm and peaceful then you can do anything you want because that’s the actual beginning of intelligence .


3)- Mentally strong 

Humans have a great power they can think, they can do anything they want because they have a great developed mind .

# Have you ever wondered why we need a mind ? 

We can discriminate between what is good for us and what is bad for us, that’s why we need a mind .

If anything is good for you in the long term and you can identify it and then work on it, it is a permanent motivation for you .

Give me just 2 minutes and I will give you a secret formula .


In this world, every human has a loved one, in the same way you also have loved ones . 

If any of them becomes ill and you have to take him hospital at the same time 

What will you do ? 

I bet you  will definitely take him to the hospital as this will be your first priority .

Now I have a question with you that you need any kind of motivation here ? Tell me 

What am I doing over here ? 

When your mind is absolutely clear about your goal 

Trust me I am telling you from the bottom of my heart you don’t need any kind of motivation that’s become permanent motivation .

Now a question must be coming into your mind: how to clear your mind ? 


The only way to clear your mind 

Do you really want to know what is it that makes our mind completely clear ? 


” Self awareness ” 

When you are doing any work at that time, if you are self aware of what you are actually doing, what is it right to do or not ? 

Self awareness makes your mind absolutely clear .

The more you become clear about every aspect of your life, the more your life will become simple .

Today you are putting lots of effort to stay motivated, but when your mind Becomes clear you remain in the state of permanent motivation .

If you are from a very poor family where there is nothing to eat, now you set a goal that I have to change my life but whenever you do any work, you have physical and mentally pain .


Read carefully 

If you have pain in doing the work that you are doing but that pain is many times less than the pain that you have to see your poverty .

So you will automatically start doing the work that is right for you .

Now, here is the energy inside you of a different level .


Last but not least 

What do you think of motivation means that you have to keep doing something all the time?

Do you all agree with me ? 

If you keep doing any work without taking a break, then you are going to go crazy in some time .

Resting the mind does not mean sleeping, it means awareness .

Self awareness is a permanent solution to always be motivated .

Conclusion – How to Stay Motivated All the Time 

With the help of Motivation, you can easily stay focused on your goal. Motivation is very important to achieve success in life.

All successful people in this world have made motivation their basis and have achieved success.

Till now there is life, till then there are problems, everyone knows this thing very well. Now I have a question from you: which motivation do you want, temporary motivation or permanent motivation, it completely depends on you.

Choose one of these two and tell us what motivation you have to develop inside yourself and why?

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