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Best Blog Titles | If you want your blog to perform on the first page inside Google, then for that you have to focus on the quality headline. To increase the performance of any blog, the title of the blog is very important to be attractive.


Whenever you search for anything on Google, you get a lot of results, but you click on the same blog which is attractive, so if you also want to show your blog in Google’s SERP, then you should make the title of the blog easy and Compelling has to be made because 8 out of 10 people read the title of the blog and only 2 people read the blog post, then you have to make the title of your blog such that it compels the user to click.

Why is Blog Title Important?

SEO is most important to rank any blog in Google and when you do SEO of your blog, then your blog appears in SERP, due to which the CTR on your blog increases and the blog also ranks. No matter how much quality articles you have written, if the heading is not attractive then your blog will never rank. That is why to get your blog ranked, you have to focus on the headline.

 7 Tips for Best Blog Titles 

we are going to share 7 important tips for writing headlines, knowing which you can write Compelling Headlines for your blog.


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  1)-     Use Numbers and Data in Your Headline                                            


You must have seen many examples such as  – 

 Have you ever thought about why numbers are so important? 

It’s very important to understand the science behind the numbers and focus more on odd numbers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the brain seems to believe odd numbers more than even numbers. Odd numbers also Way much better to recall information more easily.

And, one more interesting thing, including the odd number 7 in headlines, click through rate increased by 20% 

Now, need to understand the psychology of odd number 7 .

According to a research, a person did public polling with 185 people and all of them were asked which is your favorite number and 

Which is the most preferred word from 1 to 10.


  • 49% liked then number 7
  • 24% liked the number 3
  • 19% liked the number 1
  • 8% Others

Why is the number 7 so preferred instead of any other number, because the number 7 is automatically fed into our mind .

There are many examples that we have been listening to forever.

Like this…..


  1. 7 Rainbow 🌈 colour 
  2. 7 Continent 
  3. 7 Deadly sins 
  4. 7 Wonders 


Steps-2)  Use a Unique & Powerful Word for Best Blog Titles 

You have heard many times ” the power of words ” 

When you used a unique rational word to write compelling headlines That went viral .

A unique word means that you are giving a strong reason to the user to get your headline clicked.


Note – put a keyword on and add an image with share .

Some of the Unique words That You can use in your headline are .

  • Way 
  • Tips 
  • Secret
  • Lesson 
  • Tricks
  • Best 
  • Latest
  • Proven 
  • Steps 
  • Strategies 

3)-  Attract the Reader’s Attention 


The ultimate goal of a headline is to get the audience to read the first sentence.


So each and every headline should attract the reader’s attention.


” Attention ” means focus on one thing .

Let’s understand this with an example – 


Let’s say you are watching videos and you are constantly scrolling down the videos but suddenly you stop at one video And you watch that video for 10 minutes and you do not even know, then it is called Attention. 


 But unfortunately people’s attention spans have been decreasing very fast even every single year .

According to statistica a person’s attention span is ….


Add a image of data 


If you can get your customer to see something that they want to see, then from there you not only see them as your audience but you also retain them.


Now, I want to show you 3 rules with the help of them you can easily write attention driven headlines : 


Here is the three rules to follow : 

. Always focus on make the headline unique 

. Use emotions 

. Put more effort 


  1. Always focus on make the headline unique – 

If you wanna generate more social share, it’s all about the  ” headline ” 


When we create content for our audience,then we think that is valuable but the audience has a different perception .


Whenever we enter any of our keywords on Google, many results show there.This is because thousands of people have targeted the same keyword, now if you want to come in the top, then your headline must be unique.


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4) Create a Headlines Own Your Way – 


Have you thought about what makes a headline good?

When you create it naturally, in other words,create it effortlessly .


Effortless means on seeing the headline, the user gets attracted and clicks it.


If you actually want to create a headline your own way then you have to focus on three things which are extremely important for a healthy headline .

  1. Find out the problem 
  2. Provide a valuable solution 
  3. Make a promise 


To make it easier for you I want to tell you there are lots of experts in a particular field who are genuinely interested in figuring out a problem and providing a valuable solution . 


Let’s take a example – 

5) -Always Focus on Potential Words –


Whenever you talk about Writing and talk about speaking, then the whole game is about words.


Because if you have potential words then the only way you can grab the user’s attention. 

 No matter, what type of your niche and what kind of content you are produced 


You have to select the words very wisely according to your article .


Here is some examples – 


You should always focus on simple words because simplicity defines your writing skills.


The user is never attracted towards your article, rather he is attracted towards your words. 


  1. Use entertainment words 
  •   Celebration
  •   Play 
  •   Cheer
  •   Relief 
  •    Delight 
  •    Surprise
  •   Fun
  •    Party 
  •   Magic 


  1. Emotional words 
  •  Fear 
  • Anger 
  • Happiness
  • Enjoy 
  • Brave 
  • Grateful 
  • Kind 


3. Tech words 

  • Process
  • Binary 
  • Encryption
  • Advantage
  • Audience
  • Benefits 
  • Development 
  • Digital 
  • Instructions
  • Update 


6) Sure Headline Formulas 


I just want to tell you that My focus is not just to tell the theory, but to apply that thing practically, because any work comes only by doing practical things. 


I am sharing with you some headline formulas that you can add to your headline because they definitely work.


Let’s take example – 


-Who Wants to Become a Millionaire?

-Why Headlines are Important?


7)- Call For Action 


While writing the headline, there should be a call to action within each word. So that the user clicks on the head line as soon as he sees it and comes to your blog. If you do not make the head line attractive, then the user leaves your blog within 10 seconds, but if the user sees the title of your blog for 10 seconds, then he easily clicks on it, so you should use the headline Should be made completely unique and specific words should be used inside it. Along with this, useful information should be given inside it.


Conclusion –  Best Blog Titles 

If you have just started your blog and you do not know what is Best Blog Titles, then above we have given a complete step by step guide to write Best Blog Title within 7 Steps, by adopting which you can write an attractive Titles. . If you have any questions related to blogging, then tell us by commenting, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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