Foetus Meaning In Hindi


Foetus Meaning In Hindi


“फोएटस” का तात्पर्य विकासशील अजन्मे संतानों से है, विशेषकर भ्रूण अवस्था के बाद और जन्म से पहले।

Foetus Meaning In Hindi

Foetus Meaning Synonyms

  • Embryo
  • Fetus
  • Unborn Baby
  • Unborn Child
  • Developing Baby
  • Unborn Offspring
  • Preborn Baby
  • Preborn Child

Foetus Meaning Antonyms

  • Adult
  • Mature Individual
  • Grown Person
  • Fully Developed Organism
  • Postnatal Baby
  • Child After Birth

Examples Of Foetus Meaning

  • During The Ultrasound, The Doctor Showed The Expectant Parents Images Of Their Foetus.
  • The Researchers Studied The Development Of The Foetus Throughout The Different Stages Of Pregnancy.
  • The Mother-to-be Felt The First Kicks Of Her Foetus As A Sign Of Its Increasing Activity.
  • The Foetus Receives Nutrients And Oxygen Through The Umbilical Cord From The Mother’s Placenta.
  • Medical Professionals Monitor The Health Of The Foetus During Routine Prenatal Check-ups.
  • The Couple Eagerly Awaited The Arrival Of Their Foetus, Preparing The Nursery And Buying Baby Supplies.
  • The Development Of The Foetus Can Be Affected By Various Factors Such As Maternal Health And Environmental Conditions.
  • The Doctor Explained The Importance Of Proper Nutrition And Prenatal Care For The Well-being Of The Foetus.
  • Ultrasound Technology Allows For Detailed Imaging Of The Foetus, Aiding In Prenatal Diagnosis Of Potential Abnormalities.
  • The Expectant Parents Felt Overwhelming Joy Upon Seeing The Image Of Their Foetus During The Ultrasound Scan.

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