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Crow Meaning In Marathi


“कावळा” हा शब्द कॉर्व्हस वंशातील एका मोठ्या काळ्या पक्ष्याला सूचित करतो, जो त्याच्या विशिष्ट कावळ्या आवाजासाठी ओळखला जातो.

Crow Meaning In Marathi

कावळे हे अत्यंत हुशार आणि जुळवून घेणारे पक्षी आहेत, जे जगाच्या विविध भागात आढळतात. ते सहसा वेगवेगळ्या संस्कृतींमध्ये प्रतीकवाद आणि पौराणिक कथांशी संबंधित असतात.

Crow Meaning Synonyms

  • Blackbird
  • Corvid
  • Carrion Bird
  • Corvine Bird
  • Grackle
  • Royston Crow
  • Crowbird

Examples Of Crow Meaning

  • As I Walked Through The Park, I Heard The Distinctive Caw Of A Crow Perched On A Nearby Tree.
  • In Some Cultures, A Crow Is Considered A Symbol Of Intelligence And Cunning.
  • A Murder Of Crows Gathered On The Field, Creating A Dark Silhouette Against The Evening Sky.
  • After Winning The Championship, The Team Had Every Right To Crow About Their Success.
  • The Loud Cawing Of The Crows Outside My Window Disrupted The Peaceful Morning.
  • In Certain Mythologies, Crows Are Believed To Be Messengers Between The Living And The Spirit World.
  • Crows Are Known For Their Problem-solving Skills And Are Considered One Of The Most Intelligent Bird Species.
  • Some People Believe That The Presence Of A Crow Near A House Is A Sign Of Impending Change Or A Message From The Spirit Realm.
  • The Poem Described The Eerie Scene As A Murder Of Crows Circled Above, Adding A Sense Of Foreboding To The Narrative.
  • The Crow, Though Smaller Than An Eagle, Is Still An Impressive Bird With A Sleek Black Plumage.

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