CPU Meaning In Marathi


CPU Meaning In Marathi

CPU म्हणजे सेंट्रल प्रोसेसिंग युनिट.

CPU Meaning In Marathi

CPU Information

हा संगणकाचा प्राथमिक घटक आहे जो संगणक प्रोग्रामच्या सूचना कार्यान्वित करण्यासाठी जबाबदार असतो. CPU अंकगणित आणि लॉजिक ऑपरेशन्ससह विविध कार्ये करते आणि संगणकाचा मेंदू म्हणून कार्य करते, विविध कार्ये पार पाडण्यासाठी डेटा प्रक्रिया आणि व्यवस्थापित करते.

CPU Meaning Synonyms

  • Processor
  • Microprocessor
  • Central Processor
  • Main Processor
  • Computer Chip
  • Cpu Core
  • Central Unit
  • Central Unit Processor

CPU Meaning Antonyms

  • External Hardware
  • Auxiliary Device
  • Input/Output Device
  • Peripheral Device

Examples Of CPU Meaning

  • “The Computer’s CPU Is Responsible For Executing Instructions And Performing Calculations At Incredible Speeds.”
  • “Upgrading Your CPU Can Significantly Improve The Overall Performance Of Your Computer.”
  • “During Gaming, The CPU Plays A Crucial Role In Rendering Graphics And Processing Complex Algorithms.”
  • “The Latest Models Of Laptops Come Equipped With Powerful CPUs, Allowing For Faster Multitasking And Smoother Performance.”
  • “Programmers Optimize Their Code To Ensure Efficient Utilization Of The CPU’s Processing Capabilities.”
  • “When Running Resource-intensive Applications, Such As Video Editing Software, A High-performance CPU Is Essential For Faster Rendering Times.”
  • “The CPU Temperature Should Be Monitored To Prevent Overheating, As It Can Impact The Computer’s Stability And Longevity.”
  • “Some Tasks, Like Video Encoding, Heavily Depend On The CPU’s Processing Power, Making It A Key Factor In Choosing A Computer For Content Creation.”
  • “Modern CPUs Often Have Multiple Cores, Allowing Them To Handle Parallel Tasks And Improve Overall System Responsiveness.”
  • “In Server Farms, The Combined Processing Power Of Numerous CPUs Enables The Efficient Handling Of Large-scale Computational Tasks.”

STI Meaning In Marathi

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