Butler Meaning In Tamil | பட்லர் பொருள்


Butler Meaning In Tamil

ஒரு பட்லர் ஒரு வீட்டு வேலைக்காரன், பொதுவாக ஆண், அவர் வீட்டை நிர்வகிப்பதற்கும் மேற்பார்வையிடுவதற்கும் பொறுப்பானவர், குறிப்பாக உணவு மற்றும் சேவை பணியாளர்கள். அவர்கள் அடிக்கடி உணவு பரிமாறுதல், வீட்டு வரவு செலவுத் திட்டங்களை நிர்வகித்தல் மற்றும் குடும்பத்தின் சீரான செயல்பாட்டை உறுதி செய்தல் போன்ற பணிகளைச் செய்கிறார்கள். ஒரு பட்லரின் பங்கு உயர் மட்ட தொழில்முறை, விவேகம் மற்றும் விவரங்களுக்கு கவனம் செலுத்துதல் ஆகியவற்றுடன் தொடர்புடையது.

Butler Meaning In Tamil

Butler Meaning Synonyms

  • Steward
  • Manservant
  • House Steward
  • Servant
  • Domestic
  • Attendant
  • Household Manager

Butler Meaning Antonyms

  • Mistress (Referring To A Female Head Of The Household)
  • Lady-In-Waiting (A Female Personal Assistant Or Servant)
  • Housekeeper (Someone Responsible For Managing The Household, But Without The Specific Connotations Of A Butler’s Role)
  • Employer (The Person Or Family Who Employs Household Staff, Including A Butler)
  • Homeowner (Someone Who Owns And Manages Their Own Household)

Examples Of Butler Meaning

  • Mr. Thompson, The Butler, Ensured That Every Guest At The Grand Estate Was Attended To With Impeccable Service And Courtesy.
  • As The Butler Of The Wentworth Residence, James Oversaw The Daily Operations, From Organizing Events To Coordinating The Staff.
  • During The Elegant Dinner Party, The Butler, Dressed In A Tailcoat, Expertly Served Each Course With Precision And Grace.
  • The Butler, Known For His Discretion, Guarded The Family’s Secrets And Demonstrated Unwavering Loyalty Throughout His Decades Of Service.
  • In Adherence To Strict Protocol, The Butler Ensured That The Proper Etiquette Was Maintained During Important Social Gatherings.
  • Lady Eleanor’s Butler, Mr. Collins, Not Only Managed The Household But Also Served As Her Trusted Personal Assistant, Handling Correspondence And Appointments.
  • With A Keen Eye For Detail, The Butler Inspected The Entire Estate Daily, Ensuring Everything Was In Order And Promptly Addressing Any Issues.
  • A Butler’s Duties Extended To Maintaining The Master’s Wardrobe, Ensuring Suits Were Impeccably Pressed And Accessories Were In Order.
  • Some Butlers, Like Chef Butler In The Renowned Culinary School, Were Skilled Not Only In Household Management But Also In Preparing Exquisite Meals.
  • The Butler Orchestrated A Flawless Reception, Seamlessly Coordinating The Staff, Catering, And Entertainment For A Prestigious Event Hosted By The Family.

Verbatim Meaning In Tamil | வெர்பேடிம் பொருள்

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