Blush Meaning In Gujarati | બ્લશનો ગુજરાતીમાં અર્થ


Blush Meaning In Gujarati

બ્લશ એ સામાન્ય રીતે અકળામણ, સંકોચ, નમ્રતા અથવા ઉત્તેજનાના પરિણામે, કોઈના ચહેરાના લાલ રંગનો ઉલ્લેખ કરે છે.

Blush Meaning In Gujarati

Examples Of Blush Meaning

  • When She Was Praised For Her Performance, She Couldn’t Help But Blush With Embarrassment.
  • His Cheeks Began To Blush When He Realized He Had Been Caught Telling A Fib.
  • Sarah Blushed When Her Crush Complimented Her Outfit.
  • The Bride Blushed As She Walked Down The Aisle, Overwhelmed With Happiness.
  • He Tried To Hide His Blush When His Friends Teased Him About His Crush.
  • A Rosy Blush Spread Across Her Cheeks As She Listened To The Romantic Poem.
  • The Soft Pink Blush On The Horizon Signaled The Arrival Of Dawn.
  • The Painter Carefully Applied A Light Blush Of Pink To The Cheeks Of The Portrait.
  • She Wore A Natural-looking Blush On Her Cheeks To Enhance Her Complexion.
  • The Child’s Laughter Brought A Beautiful Blush To Her Face, Making Her Even More Adorable.

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