Barnyard Meaning In Tamil | தமிழில் அர்த்தம்


Barnyard Meaning In Tamil

“Barnyard” என்ற சொல் பொதுவாக பசுக்கள், கோழிகள், பன்றிகள் போன்ற விலங்குகளை வைத்திருக்கும் பண்ணையின் பகுதியைக் குறிக்கிறது. இது விலங்குகளின் சேகரிப்பு மற்றும் அவற்றுடன் தொடர்புடைய ஒலிகள் மற்றும் செயல்பாடுகளையும் குறிக்கலாம்.

Barnyard Meaning In Tamil

Barnyard Meaning Synonyms

  • Farmyard
  • Livestock Area
  • Animal Enclosure
  • Pasture
  • Corral
  • Paddock
  • Ranchyard
  • Stockyard
  • Stableyard

Barnyard Meaning Antonyms

  • Wilderness
  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Natural Habitat
  • Wilderness Area
  • Untamed Land
  • Uninhabited Area
  • Nature Reserve
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Open Range

Examples Of Barnyard Meaning

  • The Children Played In The Barnyard, Feeding The Chickens And Chasing The Goats.
  • The Farmer Spent The Morning Mucking Out The Barnyard Before Tending To The Cows.
  • The Scent Of Hay And Manure Filled The Air As We Walked Through The Barnyard.
  • A Group Of Piglets Romped Around The Barnyard, Squealing With Delight.
  • The Barnyard Was Bustling With Activity As The Farmers Prepared For The Morning Milking.
  • The Old Red Barn Stood At The Edge Of The Barnyard, Its Weathered Wood A Testament To Years Of Use.
  • We Enjoyed A Picnic In The Shade Of The Barnyard, Surrounded By The Sounds Of Clucking Hens And Crowing Roosters.
  • The Barnyard Was Muddy After The Rain, Making It Tricky To Navigate Between The Animal Pens.
  • Every Morning, The Farmer Would Gather Fresh Eggs From The Henhouse In The Barnyard.
  • The Barnyard Was A Peaceful Retreat, Away From The Hustle And Bustle Of City Life.

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