Sant Meaning In Marathi | संत म्हणजे मराठीत


Sant Meaning In Marathi

“संत” म्हणजे संत किंवा पवित्र व्यक्ती, विशेषत: कोणीतरी त्यांच्या आध्यात्मिक शहाणपणासाठी, भक्तीसाठी आणि अनुकरणीय जीवनासाठी ओळखले जाते.

Sant Meaning In Marathi

Sant Importance

संत अनेकदा महत्त्वपूर्ण धार्मिक किंवा सांस्कृतिक महत्त्व धारण करतात आणि त्यांच्या शिकवणी आणि कृत्यांसाठी अनुयायांकडून त्यांचा आदर केला जाऊ शकतो.

Sant Meaning Synonyms

  • Saint
  • Holy Person
  • Sage
  • Ascetic
  • Mystic
  • Guru
  • Spiritual Leader
  • Wise Person
  • Enlightened Being

Sant Meaning Antonyms

  • Sinner
  • Ungodly Person
  • Impious Individual
  • Nonbeliever
  • Unholy Person
  • Atheist
  • Irreverent Person
  • Wicked Person
  • Unrighteous Person
  • Profane Individual

Examples Of Sant Meaning

  • The Local Community Revered The Elderly Woman For Her Acts Of Kindness And Considered Her A Sant Of Their Village.
  • As A Child, I Listened In Awe To The Stories Of The Ancient Sants Who Roamed The Forests, Spreading Wisdom And Compassion.
  • In The Bustling City, Amidst The Chaos, There Lived A Humble Man Who Many Whispered Was A Modern-day Sant Due To His Charitable Deeds.
  • The Old Temple In The Hills Was Said To Be The Abode Of A Sant Who Performed Miracles And Healed The Sick.
  • People Sought Solace In The Words Of The Spiritual Leader, Believing Him To Be A Sant Endowed With Divine Insight.
  • With Her Gentle Demeanor And Unwavering Faith, She Embodied The Qualities Of A Sant, Offering Guidance To Those In Need.
  • The Wise Sage, Known As A Sant In The Ancient Scriptures, Shared His Knowledge With Eager Disciples Who Gathered Around Him.
  • Legends Spoke Of A Mystical Sant Who Wandered The Deserts, Spreading Love And Wisdom To All Who Crossed His Path.
  • The Teachings Of The Revered Sant Resonated Deeply With The Villagers, Guiding Them Through Life’s Trials And Tribulations.
  • Though He Lived Modestly, The Hermit Was Recognized As A Sant For His Profound Spiritual Understanding And Serenity.

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