PSI Meaning In Marathi | PSI चा मराठीत अर्थ


PSI Meaning In Marathi

PSI म्हणजे सामान्यतः “पाउंड्स प्रति स्क्वेअर इंच.” हे भौतिकशास्त्र, अभियांत्रिकी आणि द्रव गतिशीलता यासारख्या विविध क्षेत्रांमध्ये वापरले जाणारे दाब मोजण्याचे एकक आहे.

PSI Meaning In Marathi

PSI Meaning Synonyms

  • Pounds Per Inch
  • Pressure Units
  • Force Per Square Inch
  • Stress Measurement
  • Per Square Inch Pressure
  • PSI Measurement
  • Inch-Pound Force
  • Square Inch Pressure
  • Inch-Pound Per Square Inch

Examples Of PSI Meaning

  • The Recommended Psi For Your Bike Tires Is 40-65 To Ensure A Smooth And Safe Ride.
  • For Optimal Comfort, Inflate The Air Mattress To A Psi Of Around 5 For A Softer Feel.
  • Check The Pressure Gauge On The Fire Extinguisher; It Should Be Within The Green Zone, Indicating Sufficient Psi For Use.
  • Adjust The Gas Grill Regulator To A Psi Of 10-15 For Proper Flame Control And Cooking Temperatures.
  • Ensure Your Basketball Is Inflated To The Recommended Psi Of 7-9 For The Best Bounce And Playability.
  • The Shock Absorbers Are Designed To Work Optimally At A Psi Of 30, Providing A Smooth And Comfortable Ride.
  • Cooking At High Pressure Requires A Psi Of 12-15 To Achieve Faster Cooking Times In A Pressure Cooker.
  • The Fire Hose Is Capable Of Delivering Water At A Pressure Of 150 Psi To Combat Intense Fires Effectively.
  • Scuba Diving Cylinders Are Typically Filled To A Psi Of 3000-3500 To Provide An Adequate Air Supply Underwater.
  • The Hydraulic Press Operates At A Pressure Of 2000 Psi, Enabling It To Shape And Mold Metal With Precision.

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