Premises Meaning In Hindi | प्रेमिसेस का मतलब


Premises Meaning In Hindi

  • परिसर
Premises Meaning In Hindi

“प्रेमिसेस” का तात्पर्य इमारतों सहित भूमि या अचल संपत्ति के एक टुकड़े से है।

Premises Meaning Synonyms

  • Property
  • Grounds
  • Premises
  • Land
  • Site
  • Building
  • Estate
  • Venue
  • Location
  • Facility

Premises Meaning Antonyms

  • Vacancy
  • Void
  • Empty Space
  • Desolate Land
  • Unoccupied Area
  • Barren Plot
  • Open Field
  • Untenanted Land
  • Uncultivated Terrain

Examples Of Premises Meaning

  • The Company Leased New Premises For Its Expanding Operations In The City Center.
  • The Restaurant Owner Ensures That The Premises Are Kept Clean And Tidy To Maintain A Pleasant Dining Experience For Customers.
  • The Lawyer Argued That The Case Lacked Sufficient Evidence Based On The Premises Presented By The Prosecution.
  • The Success Of The Project Depends On The Validity Of The Premises Upon Which It Is Built.
  • The Fire Department Conducted An Inspection Of The Premises To Ensure Compliance With Safety Regulations.
  • The Landlord Outlined The Terms And Conditions For The Use Of The Premises In The Rental Agreement.
  • The Security Guard Patrols The Premises Regularly To Prevent Unauthorized Access.
  • The New Store Will Be Opening Its Premises To The Public Next Week, Showcasing A Wide Range Of Products.
  • The Factory Premises Were Equipped With State-of-the-art Machinery To Increase Production Efficiency.
  • The School’s Premises Include Classrooms, Laboratories, And Recreational Areas For Students.

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