Potluck Meaning In Telugu | పాట్‌లక్ అర్థం


Potluck Meaning In Telugu

పాట్‌లక్ అనే పదం తెలుగులో అందుబాటులో ఉన్నవి మంచివి లేదా ఆమోదయోగ్యమైనవిగా మారే రిస్క్ తీసుకోవలసిన పరిస్థితి. ఇది ఒక సందర్భంలో అందుబాటులో ఉన్నవి అని అర్థం.

Potluck Meaning In Telugu

Examples Of Potluck Meaning

  • We’re Having A Potluck Dinner On Friday, So Please Bring A Dish To Share With Everyone.
  • The Office Is Organizing A Potluck Lunch To Celebrate The Team’s Success.
  • For The Neighborhood Picnic, We’re Planning A Potluck Style Gathering Where Everyone Can Showcase Their Favorite Recipes.
  • Let’s Make The Family Reunion More Festive By Turning It Into A Potluck, With Each Family Bringing A Signature Dish.
  • The Church Is Hosting A Potluck Event After The Service, Encouraging Members To Bring Their Favorite Comfort Foods.
  • Instead Of A Traditional Catered Party, We’re Opting For A Potluck Wedding Reception To Make It More Personal.
  • The Club Is Organizing A Potluck Brunch, And Members Are Excited To Share Their Culinary Creations.
  • In The Spirit Of Community, The School Is Organizing A Potluck For Parents And Teachers To Connect And Enjoy A Meal Together.
  • As Part Of The Holiday Festivities, The Neighborhood Is Planning A Potluck Dinner With A Variety Of Festive Dishes.
  • To Make The Volunteer Appreciation Event Special, The Organization Is Hosting A Potluck Where Volunteers Can Showcase Their Cooking Talents.

Potluck Meaning Synonyms

  • Pot Providence
  • Communal Meal
  • Shared Dinner
  • Bring-And-Share Feast
  • Collective Cuisine
  • Buffet Of Contributions
  • Community Supper
  • Collaborative Cooking
  • Group Gathering With Shared Food
  • Mutual Banquet

Potluck Meaning Antonyms

  • Pre-Arranged Catering
  • Individual Meals
  • Assigned Dishes
  • Personalized Menus
  • Private Dining
  • Exclusive Catering
  • Singular Culinary Offerings
  • Fixed Menu
  • Non-Collaborative Dining
  • Ordered Banquet

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