Phlox Flower Meaning In Marathi


Phlox Flower Meaning In Marathi

फ्लॉक्स हे पॉलिमोनियासी कुटुंबातील एक लहान सदस्य आहे. ही फुले साधारण साठ वेगवेगळ्या प्रजातींमध्ये येतात. निळ्या, गुलाबी, लाल, नारंगी, जांभळ्या किंवा पांढऱ्या रंगाच्या क्लस्टर्समध्ये फुले. हे संपूर्ण अंगणात भव्य, बहुरंगी कार्पेट घालण्यासारखे आहे. झुबकेदार शोभिवंत फुलांचे एक फुलझाड subulata एक सामान्य बाग वनस्पती आहे ज्याला ग्राउंड फ्लॉक्स किंवा मॉस पिंक देखील म्हटले जाते. ग्रीक शब्द झुबकेदार शोभिवंत फुलांचे एक फुलझाड म्हणजे “ज्वाला.” या फुलांचे तेजस्वी आणि दोलायमान रंग बहुधा फुलांच्या नावाचे स्त्रोत आहेत.

Phlox Flower Meaning In Marathi

Phlox Flower Information

  • The Way Phlox Flowers Grow In Clusters At The Top Of The Stems Is Believed To Symbolize Togetherness, Harmony, Friendship, Unity, Partnership, And Even Eternal Love.
  • The Name “Phlox” Comes From The Ancient Greek Word “Phlox” Which Means “Flame,” Referring To The Vibrant Colors Of Some Phlox Varieties, Particularly Red And Orange Ones. These Colors Can Symbolize Passion, Energy, And Enthusiasm.
  • Phlox Flowers Also Come In Softer Colors Like Pink, White, And Lavender, Which Can Represent Sweetness, Innocence, And Purity.
  • Blooming Abundantly In Summer, Phlox Flowers Can Also Symbolize The Warmth And Joy Of The Summer Season.

Examples Of Phlox Flower Meaning

  • Jane Arranged A Bouquet Of Phlox Flowers To Gift To Her Colleagues, Symbolizing The Unity And Harmony Within The Team.
  • The Gentle Fragrance Of Phlox In The Bedroom Created A Serene Atmosphere, Promoting Sweet Dreams For The Couple.
  • At Their Anniversary Celebration, Mark And Lisa Exchanged Phlox Flowers As A Symbol Of Their Enduring Partnership And Companionship.
  • As A Gesture Of Admiration, Michael Surprised His Friend Sarah With A Bunch Of Phlox Flowers, Expressing His Appreciation For Her Kindness.
  • After Facing Numerous Challenges, The Community Planted Phlox Flowers In The Newly Revitalized Park As A Symbol Of Their Perseverance And Strength.

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