Pansy Meaning In Marathi | पॅन्सी चा मराठीत अर्थ


Pansy Meaning In Marathi

बहुरंगी फुले, काळा रंगाची पाकळी असलेले फूल

Pansy Meaning In Marathi

Pansy Meaning Information

हा शब्द सामान्यतः पॅन्सी फ्लॉवरसाठी वापरला जातो, जो व्हायोला वंशातील फुलांच्या वनस्पतीचा एक प्रकार आहे. Pansies त्यांच्या दोलायमान आणि रंगीबेरंगी फुलांसाठी ओळखले जातात, बहुतेकदा रंगछटांचे संयोजन दर्शवितात. मराठी अनुवाद “कस्तुरकुंज” विशेषतः वनस्पति संदर्भात पॅन्सी फ्लॉवर सूचित करतो.

Pansy Meaning Synonyms

  • Viola: Referring To The Genus To Which Pansies Belong.
  • Heartsease: Another Common Name For Certain Types Of Pansies.
  • Violet: Pansies Are Often Classified As A Type Of Violet.
  • Flower: In A General Sense, Especially When Referring To The Plant’s Bloom.
  • Blossom: Describing The Flowering Part Of The Plant.
  • Bloom: Similar To Blossom, Denoting The Flowering Or Blossoming Stage.
  • Bouquet: When Used In A Floral Arrangement Or Collection.
  • Posy: A Small Bunch Of Flowers, Which Could Include Pansies.
  • Botanical Name: Using The Scientific Name “Viola” To Specify The Plant.

Examples Of Pansy Meaning

In The Spring, The Garden Flourished With Vibrant Pansies, Creating A Breathtaking Display Of Colors.
The Floral Arrangement Featured A Combination Of Roses, Tulips, And Delicate Pansies For An Elegant Touch.
As Part Of The Landscaping Project, They Planted Pansies Along The Edges Of The Pathway To Add Charm To The Garden.
The Horticulture Class Learned About Different Species Of Flowers, Including The Characteristics Of Various Pansies.
Despite Being Labeled A “Pansy” For His Artistic Pursuits, Mark Embraced His Passion For Painting Without Hesitation.
The Coach Encouraged The Team To Break Free From Stereotypes And Reject The Notion That Sensitivity Makes Someone A “Pansy.”
Emma’s Assertiveness Was Often Misconstrued, Leading Some To Unfairly Characterize Her As A “Pansy” Simply Because She Valued Kindness Over Aggression.
Rather Than Conforming To Traditional Gender Roles, Jamie Challenged Societal Expectations And Refused To Be Labeled A “Pansy” For Expressing Vulnerability.
During The Gardening Competition, The Judges Praised The Contestant For Cultivating Both Robust Vegetables And Delicate Pansies, Showcasing A Diverse Skill Set.
The Character In The Novel Was Portrayed As A Pansy In The Eyes Of The Bullies, But As The Story Unfolded, It Became Clear That His Inner Strength Surpassed Their Narrow Judgments.

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