Paedophile Meaning In Hindi | पीडोफाइल का मतलब


Paedophile Meaning In Hindi

पीडोफाइल वह व्यक्ति होता है जिसका युवावस्था से पहले के बच्चों के प्रति यौन आकर्षण या प्राथमिकता होती है। अधिकांश समाजों में यह आकर्षण हानिकारक और अवैध माना जाता है।

Paedophile Meaning In Hindi

Paedophile Meaning Synonyms

  • Child Molester
  • Child Abuser
  • Sexual Predator
  • Offender Against Children
  • Predatory Pedophile

Paedophile Meaning Antonyms

  • Adult-oriented
  • Age-appropriate Attraction
  • Non-pedophilic
  • Consensual Relationships With Adults
  • Normal Sexual Orientation
  • Healthy Sexual Preferences

Examples Of Paedophile Meaning

  • Grooming Children Online For Sexual Purposes.
  • Viewing, Distributing, Or Producing Child Pornography.
  • Engaging In Sexual Acts With Underage Individuals.
  • Luring Children Into Isolated Areas For Sexual Abuse.
  • Building Relationships With Families To Gain Access To Children For Exploitation.
  • Using Positions Of Authority, Such As Teachers Or Clergy, To Exploit Children Sexually.
  • Seeking Out Opportunities To Be Alone With Children In Order To Fulfill Their Sexual Desires.
  • Repeatedly Engaging In Sexual Behavior With Children Despite Knowing It Is Illegal And Harmful.

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