Motherboard Meaning In Marathi | मदरबोर्डचा अर्थ


Motherboard Meaning In Marathi

मदरबोर्ड हे संगणक आणि इतर इलेक्ट्रॉनिक उपकरणांमध्ये आढळणारे मुख्य मुद्रित सर्किट बोर्ड (PCB) आहे.

Motherboard Meaning In Marathi

Motherboard Information

हे सेंट्रल प्रोसेसिंग युनिट (CPU), मेमरी, स्टोरेज डिव्हाइसेस आणि विस्तार कार्ड यांसारखे महत्त्वपूर्ण घटक धारण करते आणि कनेक्ट करते. मदरबोर्ड मध्यवर्ती हब म्हणून काम करतो ज्याद्वारे हे घटक संप्रेषण करतात आणि डिव्हाइसची कार्यक्षमता सक्षम करण्यासाठी एकत्र कार्य करतात.

Motherboard Meaning Synonyms

  • Mainboard
  • System Board
  • Logic Board
  • Planar Board
  • Baseboard

Motherboard Meaning Antonyms

  • Peripheral
  • External Device
  • Expansion Card

Examples Of Motherboard Meaning

  • The Motherboard Is Like A Digital Nervous System, Connecting All The Vital Components Of A Computer.
  • Think Of The Motherboard As The Architectural Blueprint That Guides How Different Parts Of A Computer Interact.
  • Without A Motherboard, A Computer Would Be Just A Collection Of Disconnected Parts.
  • The Motherboard Acts As The Central Hub, Facilitating Communication Between The Cpu, Memory, And Other Hardware Components.
  • In A Laptop, The Motherboard Is The Compact Circuit Board That Houses Everything From The Processor To The Graphics Chip.
  • Gaming Enthusiasts Often Upgrade Their Motherboards To Enhance Performance And Support Newer Technologies.
  • Smartphones Also Have Motherboards, Albeit Much Smaller, To Manage All The Device’s Functions.
  • When Troubleshooting Computer Issues, Problems With The Motherboard Can Have Far-reaching Effects On Overall System Stability.
  • The Motherboard’s Layout Determines How Efficiently Data Flows Between Components, Impacting Overall System Speed.
  • Embedded Systems Like Digital Cameras Rely On Specialized Motherboards To Manage Their Unique Hardware Requirements.

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