Miscellaneous Meaning In Gujarati


Miscellaneous Meaning In Gujarati

  • પરચુરણ

“પરચુરણ” એ વિવિધ પ્રકારની વસ્તુઓ અથવા વસ્તુઓના સંગ્રહ અથવા જૂથનો ઉલ્લેખ કરે છે જે ચોક્કસ શ્રેણી સાથે સંબંધિત નથી. તે વિવિધ પ્રકારની વસ્તુઓ અથવા વિષયોનું મિશ્રણ અથવા વર્ગીકરણ દર્શાવે છે.

Miscellaneous Meaning In Gujarati

Miscellaneous Meaning Synonyms

  • Assorted
  • Diverse
  • Mixed
  • Varied
  • Heterogeneous
  • Sundry
  • Various
  • Multifarious

Miscellaneous Meaning Antonyms

  • Homogeneous
  • Consistent
  • Singular
  • Specific
  • Categorized
  • Ordered
  • Systematic
  • Organized
  • Exclusive

Examples Of Miscellaneous Meaning

  • The Store’s Clearance Section Had Miscellaneous Items Like Socks, Notebooks, And Keychains.
  • In Her Purse, She Carried Miscellaneous Items Such As Lip Balm, A Pen, And A Small Mirror.
  • The Box In The Attic Held Miscellaneous Trinkets From Childhood, Like Seashells And Old Toys.
  • He Scrolled Through A Website’s Miscellaneous Section, Finding Random Gifts Like Quirky Mugs And Funny Socks.
  • The Garage Sale Had A Table Piled With Miscellaneous Knick-knacks, From Figurines To Picture Frames.
  • Their Conversation Veered Into Miscellaneous Topics, Ranging From Travel Anecdotes To Favorite Recipes.
  • The Office Supply Closet Contained Miscellaneous Stationery Items Like Paper Clips, Tape, And Sticky Notes.
  • During Spring Cleaning, She Found A Miscellaneous Stack Of Magazines And Catalogs Under The Bed.
  • The Thrift Store Had Bins Filled With Miscellaneous Buttons, Ribbons, And Sewing Supplies.
  • The Toolbox Held A Variety Of Miscellaneous Tools, From Screwdrivers To Wrenches To Pliers.

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