Meaning Of Ishq Wala Love


Meaning Of Ishq Wala Love

“Ishq Wala Love” is a phrase in Hindi, and it translates to “Love’s Feeling” or “The Feeling of Love” in English. “Ishq” is a term used to express deep affection, passion, or love in various South Asian languages, including Hindi. So, “Ishq Wala Love” conveys the idea of experiencing the profound emotion and essence of love. The phrase gained popularity as the title of a Bollywood song from the movie “Student of the Year,” and it has since been associated with romantic sentiments.

Meaning Of Ishq Wala Love

Example Of Ishq Wala Love

Surkh wala soze waala faiz waalaa love
Hota hai jo love se zyaada
Waisey waala love

Love with deep colour, with passion and with ardour
Which is more than just love
That kind of love..

Ishq wala love
Hua joh dard bhi hamko aaj kuch zyaada hua
Ishq wala love
yeh kya hua hai kya khabar yahi pataa hai zyaada hua
Ishq wala love
Agarr yeh usko bhi hua hai phirr bhi mujhko zyaada hua
Ishq wala love

Love that’s about love
When it pained today, it was a bit more than usual
Love that is about love
Don’t know what has happened, I just know that it is a bit more than usual
Love that is about love
If it happened the same way to her too, I will say that it happened more to me than her
Love that is about real love

Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti ho
Aankhen mal ke maine dekhi hai subah
Huee dhoop zyaada le ke teri roshni, din chadha
Ishq waala love..

As if my sleep has broken for the first time
n I’ve seen the morning rubbing my eyes
By keeping your light, the sun shone more, and the day is on its top
Love that is about love

Jhaanke baadlon ki jaali ke peechhe se
Ghare chaandni yeh mujhko itna
Le ke noor sa woh chaand mera yaheen pe hai chhupa chhupa hua
Ishq wala love..

He peeps behind the net of clouds
This moonlight stares at me so much..
keeping a brightness (in himself), my moon is hidden here only
Love, that’s about real, deep love.

Jo aise hota joh milte tum, ho jaate gum saath mere
Hote hote hoga samjhaaye ho, tham jaa ae thamm, oh dil mere
Tutaa zyada zyada taara jab gira
Zara zyaada zyaada mangoon dil teraa
Kabhi zyaada zyaada maane na dil yeh sarphira, ishq wala love
Badaa yeh dil nadan tha, par aaj kuch zyaada hua, ishq wala love

If it happens so, that you meet me, and disappear with me
It will take place slowly, by persuading, be patient, o my heart..
When the shooting star fell down
I started asking for your heart a bit more
Sometimes this crazy heart does not listen to me, in this love.
This heart was very stupid, but today it’s even more stupid.. this love..

jo khone ka tha dar tujhe, pata nahin kyoon zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Hua joh dard bhi to hamko aaj kuchh zyada hua..

I don’t know why but The fear of losing you became greater
Love, that is about love
When it pained today, it was a bit more than usual

Surkh wala, soz wala, faiz wala love..

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