Marital Status Meaning In Gujarati


Marital Status Meaning In Gujarati

વૈવાહિક સ્થિતિ

Marital Status Meaning In Gujarati

Marital Status Information

તે સૂચવે છે કે શું વ્યક્તિ હાલમાં પરિણીત છે, અપરિણીત છે, છૂટાછેડા લીધેલ છે, વિધવા છે અથવા અન્ય કોઈ માન્ય વૈવાહિક સ્થિતિમાં છે.

Marital Status Meaning Synonyms

  • Relationship Status
  • Civil Status
  • Marital Condition
  • Conjugal Status
  • Marital Situation

Marital Status Meaning Antonyms

  • Single Status
  • Unmarried Status
  • Bachelorhood
  • Separated Status

Examples Of Marital Status Meaning

  • John’s Marital Status Is Married; He Has Been Wedded To Mary For Five Years.
  • Sarah’s Marital Status Is Single; She Has Never Been Married.
  • David’s Marital Status Is Divorced; He Finalized His Divorce With Emily Last Year.
  • Susan’s Marital Status Is Widowed; Her Husband Passed Away Two Years Ago.
  • Michael’s Marital Status Is Separated; He And His Wife Are Living Apart But Have Not Yet Finalized Their Divorce.
  • Rachel’s Marital Status Is Engaged; She And Her Partner Are Planning To Get Married Next Spring.
  • Lisa’s Marital Status Is Common-law; She And Her Partner Have Been Living Together For Ten Years But Are Not Legally Married.
  • Mark’s Marital Status Is In A Civil Union; He And His Partner Have Entered Into A Legally Recognized Partnership.
  • Tom’s Marital Status Is Remarried; He Married His Second Wife After His First Marriage Ended In Divorce.
  • Emily’s Marital Status Is Annulled; Her Marriage Was Legally Declared Invalid By The Court.

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