Lust Meaning In Hindi | लस्ट का मतलब हिंदी में


Lust Meaning In Hindi

“लस्ट” एक तीव्र इच्छा या लालसा को संदर्भित करती है, जो अक्सर यौन प्रकृति की होती है। इसमें किसी चीज़ के प्रति तीव्र लालसा या जुनून भी शामिल हो सकता है।

Lust Meaning In Hindi

Lust Meaning Synonyms

  • Desire
  • Passion
  • Craving
  • Longing
  • Appetite
  • Infatuation
  • Intense Attraction
  • Ardor
  • Libido
  • Yearning

Lust Meaning Antonyms

  • Disinterest
  • Apathy
  • Indifference
  • Repulsion
  • Detachment
  • Abstinence
  • Chastity
  • Moderation
  • Sobriety
  • Dispassion

Examples Of Lust Meaning

  • Sexual Lust: He Couldn’t Resist The Intense Lust He Felt For Her, His Desire Burning Like A Flame.
  • Material Lust: His Lust For Wealth Drove Him To Pursue Money At Any Cost, Neglecting Everything Else In His Life.
  • Power Lust: The Politician’s Lust For Power Blinded Him To The Consequences Of His Actions, Leading To Corruption And Abuse Of Authority.
  • Food Lust: She Felt A Strong Lust For Chocolate Whenever She Passed By The Bakery, Unable To Resist Indulging In Its Rich Sweetness.
  • Adventure Lust: His Lust For Adventure Took Him To Far-flung Places, Seeking Thrills And New Experiences At Every Turn.
  • Violent Lust: The Killer’s Lust For Blood Drove Him To Commit Heinous Crimes Without Remorse, Reveling In The Act Of Violence Itself.
  • Artistic Lust: Her Lust For Creativity Led Her To Spend Hours Immersed In Her Artwork, Lost In The Passion Of Creation.
  • Intellectual Lust: He Had A Lust For Knowledge, Devouring Books And Seeking Out New Ideas To Satisfy His Insatiable Curiosity.

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