Khanabadosh Meaning In Hindi | खानबदोश का मतलब


Khanabadosh Meaning In Hindi

“खानबदोश” एक शब्द है जिसका अनुवाद “खानाबदोश” या “घूमनेवाला” होता है।

Khanabadosh Meaning In Hindi

Khanabadosh Information

इसका तात्पर्य ऐसे व्यक्ति से है जिसके पास कोई निश्चित निवास नहीं है और वह एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान की यात्रा करता रहता है।

Khanabadosh Meaning Synonyms

  • Nomad
  • Wanderer
  • Vagabond
  • Itinerant
  • Drifter
  • Traveler
  • Wayfarer

Khanabadosh Meaning Antonyms

  • Resident
  • Settler
  • Sedentary
  • Stable
  • Stationary
  • Stay-At-Home
  • Local
  • Non-Migrant

Examples Of Khanabadosh Meaning

  • The Khanabadosh Roamed The Countryside, Never Staying In One Place For Long.
  • She Embraced Her Inner Khanabadosh Spirit And Set Off On A Journey Around The World.
  • The Nomadic Tribe Lived A Khanabadosh Lifestyle, Following Their Herds Across Vast Landscapes.
  • He Felt A Deep Sense Of Freedom As A Khanabadosh, With Only The Open Road Ahead Of Him.
  • The Khanabadosh Artist Found Inspiration In The Changing Landscapes He Encountered During His Travels.

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