Hawking Meaning In Marathi | हॉकिंगचा मराठीत अर्थ


Hawking Meaning In Marathi

ही संज्ञा सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी फिरताना मोठ्याने ओरडून वस्तू किंवा सेवा विकण्याच्या कृतीचा संदर्भ देते.

Hawking Meaning In Marathi

Hawking Meaning Synonyms

  • Selling
  • Retailing
  • Marketing
  • Promoting
  • Retailing
  • Trading

Hawking Meaning Antonyms

  • Purchasing
  • Buying
  • Acquiring
  • Procuring
  • Obtaining
  • Receiving
  • Owning
  • Possessing
  • Holding

Examples Of Hawking Meaning

  • The Street Vendor Was Hawking Fresh Fruits And Vegetables From His Cart In The Busy Marketplace.
  • She Earned A Living By Hawking Handmade Jewelry On The Sidewalks Of Downtown.
  • The Children Enjoyed Watching The Entertainer Hawking Balloons And Toys At The Fair.
  • In Some Cities, It’s Common To See People Hawking Snacks And Drinks At Traffic Signals.
  • The Artist Spent The Day Hawking His Paintings In The Park, Hoping To Attract Potential Buyers.
  • During Festivals, Vendors Can Be Seen Hawking Various Goods Along The Streets, Creating A Lively Atmosphere.
  • Despite The Rain, The Determined Salesman Continued Hawking Umbrellas To Passersby On The Street Corner.
  • Many Entrepreneurs Start Small Businesses By Hawking Products Door-to-door Before Establishing A Permanent Storefront.
  • The Market Was Bustling With Activity, With Vendors Hawking Everything From Clothing To Electronics.
  • Tourists Were Greeted By Locals Hawking Souvenirs And Trinkets Near Popular Tourist Attractions.

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