Eloping Meaning In Hindi | Eloping का अर्थ हिंदी में


Eloping Meaning In Hindi

भागने से तात्पर्य दूसरों को सूचित या आमंत्रित किए बिना, विशेष रूप से परिवार या दोस्तों की सहमति या जानकारी के बिना, गुप्त रूप से और अक्सर जल्दबाजी में शादी करने की क्रिया से है।

Eloping Meaning In Hindi

Eloping Meaning Synonyms

  • Running Away To Marry
  • Secret Marriage
  • Quick Marriage
  • Sneaking Off To Get Married
  • Marrying Clandestinely
  • Evasive Marriage
  • Covert Wedding
  • Hasty Nuptials
  • Escaping To Wed

Eloping Meaning Antonyms

  • Traditional Wedding
  • Public Marriage
  • Formal Ceremony
  • Planned Wedding
  • Conventional Marriage
  • Invited Wedding
  • Family-approved Marriage
  • Open Nuptials
  • Disclosed Marriage

Examples Of Eloping Meaning

  • Jane And John Decided To Elope To Las Vegas And Get Married Without Telling Their Families.
  • Instead Of Having A Big Wedding, Sarah And David Eloped To A Remote Beach And Exchanged Vows Privately.
  • The Young Couple Eloped To The Countryside And Tied The Knot Under A Beautiful Oak Tree.
  • After Facing Opposition From Their Families, Maria And Carlos Chose To Elope And Have A Small, Intimate Ceremony In A Nearby Town.
  • Knowing Their Families Wouldn’t Approve, Emily And Michael Eloped To Paris And Had A Romantic Wedding In A Small Chapel.
  • Despite Their Friends’ Insistence On A Traditional Wedding, Lisa And James Eloped To A Quaint Village In Italy For A Quiet Ceremony.
  • Tired Of The Stress Of Wedding Planning, Samantha And Mark Decided To Elope To A Picturesque Mountain Lodge And Exchange Vows In Front Of A Small Group Of Friends.
  • Julia And Adam Eloped To A Rustic Cabin In The Woods And Celebrated Their Marriage With A Cozy Dinner For Two.
  • Wanting To Avoid Drama, Rachel And Eric Eloped To A Scenic Garden And Became Husband And Wife In A Simple Yet Beautiful Ceremony.
  • Despite Their Families’ Objections, Claire And Tom Eloped To Hawaii And Had A Romantic Beach Wedding At Sunset.

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