Detained Meaning In Hindi


Detained Meaning In Hindi

रोका हुआ, गिरफ्तार, हिरासत में लिया

Detained Meaning In Hindi

Detained Meaning Synonyms

  • Held
  • Confined
  • Incarcerated
  • Arrested
  • Detained
  • Apprehended
  • Restricted
  • Retained
  • Seized
  • Captured

Detained Meaning Antonyms

  • Released
  • Freed
  • Unrestrained
  • Allowed
  • Liberated
  • Released
  • Discharged
  • Exempted
  • Unconfined
  • Unrestricted

Examples Of Detained Meaning

  • The Suspect Was Detained For Questioning By The Police.
  • Due To Bad Weather, Our Flight Was Detained At The Airport For Several Hours.
  • The Protesters Were Detained By The Authorities Until The Situation Calmed Down.
  • The Security Guards Detained The Shoplifter Until The Police Arrived.
  • He Was Detained At The Border For Not Having The Proper Documentation.
  • The Ship Was Detained In Port For Inspection By Customs Officials.
  • Students Caught Cheating During The Exam Were Detained After School For Disciplinary Action.
  • The Driver Was Detained By A Traffic Officer For Speeding On The Highway.
  • Due To A Medical Emergency, The Ambulance Was Detained At The Hospital Longer Than Expected.
  • Journalists Attempting To Enter The Restricted Area Were Detained By Security Personnel.

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