Camel Meaning In Marathi | कॅमल मराठीत अर्थ


Camel Meaning In Marathi

“उंट” हा एक मोठा, लांब मानेचा सस्तन प्राणी आहे जो रखरखीत प्रदेशात राहतो, जो त्याच्या विशिष्ट कुबड्या आणि कठोर वाळवंटातील परिस्थिती सहन करण्याच्या क्षमतेसाठी ओळखला जातो.

Camel Meaning In Marathi

Camel Information

उंटांचा वापर वाळवंटी भागात पॅक प्राणी म्हणून केला जातो आणि पाणी साठवून ठेवण्याच्या आणि संरक्षित करण्याच्या त्यांच्या क्षमतेसाठी त्यांचे मूल्यवान आहे, ज्यामुळे ते रखरखीत लँडस्केपमध्ये जाण्यासाठी योग्य आहेत.

Camel Meaning Synonyms

  • Bactrian
  • Camelid
  • Ship Of The Desert
  • Desert Ship
  • Humpbacked Creature
  • Oasis Traveler
  • Sandy Steed

Examples Of Camel Meaning

  • The Camel Gracefully Navigated The Desert Dunes With Its Long Strides.
  • In The Zoo, Children Giggled As They Fed Carrots To The Friendly Camel.
  • The Nomads Relied On Their Trusty Camels To Carry Goods Across The Arid Landscape.
  • During The Safari, We Marveled At The Sight Of A Herd Of Camels Grazing By The Oasis.
  • The Two-humped Bactrian Camel Is Well-adapted To Colder Climates Compared To Its Single-humped Cousin.
  • As The Sun Set Over The Desert, The Silhouette Of A Lone Camel Made Its Way Across The Horizon.
  • The Camel’s Hump Stores Fat, Allowing It To Endure Extended Periods Without Water In The Harsh Desert Environment.
  • Tourists Enjoyed A Camel Ride, Swaying Gently As The Animal Strolled Through The Sandy Terrain.
  • The Caravan, Led By Experienced Guides, Embarked On A Journey Through The Vast Expanse Of The Sahara With Their Camels.
  • Camel Races Are A Popular Sport In Some Middle Eastern Countries, Attracting Both Locals And Tourists.

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