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Apache Meaning In Bengali

“ঠগদের একটি দলের সদস্য” বা “একটি গ্যাংস্টার।”

Apache Meaning In Bengali

Other Meaning Of Apache

Apache Tribe: The Apache Are A Group Of Culturally Related Native American Tribes In The Southwestern United States, Which Include The Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan, And Plains Apache.

Apache Software Foundation (Asf): Apache Is Commonly Associated With The Open-source Software Community And The Apache Software Foundation. The Foundation Provides Support For A Wide Range Of Software Projects, Including The Apache Http Server, One Of The Most Widely Used Web Servers.

Military Usage: The Name “Apache” Is Also Used In Military Contexts. For Example, The Ah-64 Apache Is A Modern Military Attack Helicopter Used By The United States Army.

Examples Of Apache Meaning

  • The Apache Tribe, With Their Deep Connection To The Land, Has A History Dating Back Centuries.
  • Developers Often Rely On The Apache Software Foundation For Robust And Scalable Open-source Solutions.
  • The Distinctive Sound Of The AH-64 Apache Helicopter Echoed Through The Military Base During The Training Exercise.
  • The Expedition Crossed The Rugged Apache Mountains, Facing Challenging Terrain And Unpredictable Weather.
  • The Military Operation, Codenamed Apache Thunder, Aimed To Neutralize Enemy Positions In The Region.
  • The Storyteller Recounted Ancient Apache Legends, Captivating The Audience With Tales Of Bravery And Wisdom.
  • Web Developers Often Choose The Apache Web Server For Its Flexibility And Extensive Customization Options.
  • The Soaring Apache Eagle, Depicted In Tribal Art, Symbolizes Strength And Freedom In Native American Culture.
  • During The 19th Century, Conflicts Between Settlers And The Apache People Shaped The History Of The American Southwest.
  • In The World Of Business, Facing Challenges With An “Apache Spirit” Means Tackling Obstacles With Resilience And Determination.

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