Antrum Meaning In Bengali | বাংলায় এন্ট্রাম অর্থ


Antrum Meaning In Bengali

“অ্যান্ট্রাম” একটি গহ্বর বা চেম্বারকে বোঝায়, বিশেষ করে একটি শারীরিক অঙ্গের মধ্যে একটি।

এটি সাধারণত চিকিৎসা প্রসঙ্গে ব্যবহৃত হয়, যেমন পেটের এন্ট্রাম বা হাড়ের এন্ট্রাম। উপরন্তু, একটি কাঠামোর মধ্যে কোনো ছোট গহ্বর বা চেম্বার বর্ণনা করার জন্য শব্দটি আরও বিস্তৃতভাবে ব্যবহার করা যেতে পারে।

Antrum Meaning In Bengali

Antrum Meaning Synonyms

  • Cavity
  • Chamber
  • Hollow
  • Space
  • Gap
  • Void
  • Sinus (For Cavities In The Skull)
  • Alveolus (For Air Sacs In The Lungs)
  • Ventricle (For Cavities In The Heart Or Brain)
  • Lumen (For The Hollow Space Within A Tube Or Organ)

Antrum Meaning Antonyms

  • Whole
  • Bulk
  • Block
  • Surface
  • Exterior
  • Outside
  • Fullness
  • Continuity

Examples Of Antrum Meaning

  • Gastric Antrum: The Gastric Antrum Is The Lower Part Of The Stomach Where Food Is Mixed With Digestive Juices.
  • Mastoid Antrum: In The Temporal Bone, The Mastoid Antrum Is A Cavity Connected To The Middle Ear, Playing A Role In Hearing.
  • Frontal Sinus Antrum: The Frontal Sinus Antrum Is A Cavity In The Frontal Bone Of The Skull That Is Part Of The Paranasal Sinuses.
  • Antrum Of A Tooth: The Antrum Of A Tooth Refers To The Pulp Chamber Or The Central Cavity Containing Nerves And Blood Vessels.
  • Maxillary Antrum: Also Known As The Maxillary Sinus, This Antrum Is A Large Air-filled Space In The Maxillary Bone Of The Face.
  • Ethmoidal Antrum: The Ethmoidal Antrum Is A Cavity Within The Ethmoid Bone That Contributes To The Formation Of The Nasal Cavity.
  • Ear Antrum: In The Anatomy Of The Ear, The Antrum Is A Small Cavity Within The Temporal Bone.
  • Antrum Of A Bone: Bones Like The Ethmoid Have Various Sinuses, And One Of Them Is Often Referred To As An Antrum.
  • Sinus Antrum: The Term “Sinus Antrum” Is Commonly Used To Describe Various Air-filled Cavities In The Skull.
  • Surgical Antrum: In Medical Procedures, Surgeons May Refer To Antrums When Dealing With Specific Cavities, Such As In Sinus Surgery Or Bone Procedures.

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